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It's About Damn Time

KOTU: Clint is still on the phone, asking about his costs and his pick-ups. Dennis arrives, so Clint gets off the phone. Dennis interviews that he doesn't quit since he was in professional sports. He says you always have to help each other out, even if the situation is good, bad, ugly. He tells them he's there to work, because he's still on the team. Clint calls Brian over and tells him they have a team member who returned and Brian needs to figure that out. Brian says Dennis is a loose cannon and he'd rather he stay downstairs or someplace else. Dennis keeps talking about how he was the target, even in the NBA, but he won six championships. But he said if they don't want to use him, that's fine, too.

Ivanka comes up and asks Brian how it's going. He says it's good, and tells her what Jesse and Herschel are up to, and that the three here are it. He tells her he doesn't have a babysitter (which I'm thinking must have been Tom's role), so he doesn't know what to do with Dennis. She says she'll go ask him what his thoughts are, and heads that way. She asks Dennis to come over and join the group. Ivanka interviews that with the guys being several men down, Brian needs to humble himself and ask Dennis to help, since they need him. Dennis tells Ivanka they turned their backs on him, so he's just sitting here doing nothing. Ivanka says, "Fair enough." Dennis interviews that if Brian loses, he can't blame Dennis, since he didn't ask him to do anything.

Clint continues to make calls, and gets a price of $4,800, mostly for the monitors. Dennis says he can get them all for free if they want them. Clint asks Brian, and Brian repeats he doesn't want the distraction, and he doesn't want Dennis infecting their work site. Clint looks frustrated. Dennis says he's part of the team and he's trying to help. Brian interviews that there's a picture of Dennis Rodman in the dictionary next to drama, so he doesn't want him here.

The women are working with a production crew to shoot the video half of their vignettes. The baby is crying, and Claudia reminds us of the Hollywood saying about not working with animals or babies. I think the men's team has already proven that, too. They're trying to get the kid to take steps, but the kid is not cooperating. Claudia interviews she's already dealt with enough babies and other words that begin with "b" on her team. Ha. Annie calls the room with this baby the seventh rung of hell. Khloe's stressed. Annie interviews that she felt this was going to be an embarrassing disaster. They let the baby go.

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