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It's About Damn Time

Jesse and Herschel arrive at West Point, which they say took the better part of two hours. They explain they had to go up here to do something the girls can't do, since they've been getting spanked. He guarantees none of the chicks could get on this military base like he did. Jesse says it kind of sucked to be there, because the place is amazing, but they had no time to check it out. Jessie explains he picked out the best-looking guy to be an actor. They film him on the videophone. Jesse makes jokes that the guy finds totally inappropriate, right as Jesse tells us that this could look really cool or really dumb. But he thinks you can't go wrong with West Point cadets.

Back at KOTU, Brian's still asking Clint to do menial tasks. Clint interviews they needed a fifth man, but one who would be productive so he starts prodding at Dennis. He asks him where they went wrong. Dennis says the guy had a bad day and took it out on him; it's as simple as that. Is he calling himself "the guy"? I think so, but it's hard to tell with Dennis. Clint asks if Dennis will still take him out to gay bars, and Dennis says he'll take him anywhere he wants to go. Cute. This is our new odd couple, I think. They can have a spin-off. Clint interviews that Dennis is aloof, but has a lot to offer and that he can still pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Brande, Tionne and Claudia are on their way to the editing room, while the other ladies (minus Joan) were going back to the space with the actors to figure things out. Claudia holds her eyes and impersonates Melissa, saying she doesn't move her bottom lip. She then impersonates her to the cameras. She says she never moves her mouth or blinks. Brande and Tionne are cracking up. Back in the space, Melissa's explaining things to Annie, Khloe and Natalie. They walk through it with the choreographer so they can figure it out quickly the next day. Natalie explains they need Melissa, because she's a producer. Khloe seems to agree. Melissa tells them it's hard, because she knows she'll get attacked even though she's working hard and doing everything she can.

Brian's rehearsing. He interviews that he knew he'd get on stage by himself and nothing else matters, because they'll eat out of the palm of his hands. Clint's asking Brian questions, and Brian again brushes him off. Clint interviews that he's been in the entertainment business for 30 years, but Brian hasn't asked his opinion on anything. He wants to win, but can't insert himself if he's not asked. But he realizes he's fortunate because he's enjoying his lack of responsibility.

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