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It's About Damn Time

KOTU's turn to present. Brian has the lights down, and dancers come in and dance around the phone. Claudia talks about the advantage of going second. Clint comes out and introduces their event. Their West Point video is pretty impressive, with the guy talking about the military and what the phone means to him. Then it has him talking to his wife. Clint welcomes Brian McKnight to the stage. Brian asks if they're ready for the future. He interviews that being Brian McKnight is what he does, so he's going to do that again here. He sings his song, as Claudia talks about how this isn't about the phone. Herschel says he was in the crowd and he could tell how much the audience liked it. Ladies dance around Brian with the phones as he sings. Jesse tells Herschel that Brian has some pipes. Then he interviews that he's never bought a Brian McKnight album, but that was pretty awesome today. He asks how you can not like that. [Well, if you don't like Brian's music, or slutty girls dancing with phones... it might not be your cup of tea. - AC] Dennis interviews that he thinks Brian sees this as an opportunity to sell records, and that Dennis had nothing to do with this. He says Brian thinks he's Quincy Jones, "so knock yourself out," as he laughs. I really do have to say that Clint Black's musical style would go better with the West Point video. But Brian keeps singing, and the crowd does seem into it.

Melissa interviews that the men staged an incredible concert, but theirs had more heart and emotion and was real. She's not sure dancing around with the phone is selling the product. Except the crowd is yelling "ACN! ACN! ACN!" Jesse's all, "We pumped them up for their company so much that they chanted their company's letters. Which is pretty good, I think." He actually doesn't seem sure, though. At the end of the executives says to the other everyone has a tough call to make. Sales people interview about which one they like more. It's a toss-up, or at least that's how they're making it look. People didn't like the vignettes in Joan's. They liked her, but would have liked real video instead of staged vignettes. So, they clearly felt staged, and the West Point guy might not have. I do fast-forward through commercials, but I saw a video phone and had to stop. The commercial does talk about the phone, but mostly talks about how you can bring more money into your life by introducing the phone to more people. So ... they say they're not a pyramid scheme, but yet they're pushing that aspect in the commercial.

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