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Not A Dream Team

Tenacity van. Holly, Scottie and Selita call Chris Paul on speakerphone because he's the spokesperson for Right Guard. He thinks they're on the right track. Holly talks shit about Cyndi and then Cyndi calls and they act all nice to her, but Holly gives her a task to write a testimonial about her son discovering his first moments of funk. RockSolid's packing up to go to the studio when Bret gets a text to call his daughter, Raine. He gets off the phone and tells them that his daughter's being tested for diabetes and he's freaking out. They're all super-supportive and nice to him, then Bret cries to the camera because his daughter asked if she'll have to take shots like him. Dude, she's being tested for it, right? Why not save the tears until after he knows she actually has it? And, even then, maybe don't act on national TV like it's a death sentence?

Scottie, Holly and Selita show up to the place they're shooting their commercial, while Maria and Summer are off to get props. Holly talks and talks and talks, and I'm not sure how Scottie can put up with it, actually. Scottie has to get on a plane in less than four hours, so they decide to shoot in front of a green screen. RockSolid, meanwhile, is looking around for something that looks like an apartment for their shoot, but it's just a big, cold, empty studio. Bret: "I'm gonna say something. Please don't hate me. It's just words." He wants to change everything, but Curtis doesn't think they can rethink everything at this point. He sends Michael and Goldberg to the prop house, while he and Bret stay to meet the director, who tells them the time constraints will have them "pumping and pushing." Dirty! Bret decides they have to change to a new idea, and tells Curtis to throw him under the bus and back over him if this fails. Curtis opts to change. Never a good idea.

Tenacity. Holly and Selita choose music for the "Funky Godfather" jingle. Selita lies that Holly's a genius, and Holly agrees. The jingle makes them think they have the advantage. Maria calls, and they're just leaving props. Selita and Holly are worried, since Scottie has a plane to catch. Selita thinks they'll still win. RockSolid. Now that they've changed tracks, Curtis calls Bill and Michael to tell them which new props to buy, but Goldberg convinces him not to change, so Curtis tells Bret to stick to the plan. Bret keeps begging Curtis (on his knees, even) to change the plan, but Clyde agrees with Curtis that they can't keep changing their minds. Curtis swears some more in his interviews to the camera. I never would have thought he'd be such a potty mouth. I like it. Bret doesn't get his way, so he leaves the room to call and see how his daughter, Rainbow, is doing. I have to admit I think it's sort of cute he calls her that. He tells whoever he's talking to not to freak her out. Since, you know, he's doing that enough for everyone. Then he interviews that he had to go in the bathroom and "punch a few things, you know, smash my head into the mirror." Cut to him and Curtis finally shaking hands and coming together. Bret gives himself a shot, and says if his daughter's diagnosed he would have to go take care of his family.

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