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Not A Dream Team

Tenacity. The ladies show up with props right as George is getting there to supervise. They really need Cyndi here for all the schlepping, don't they? Selita stands around and does basically nothing but flirt with Scottie while Maria, Summer and Holly carry in furniture and sinks. George notices that all of the women are working hard except Selita, and he doesn't know what she's doing. RockSolid. Guys finally show up with props, and all the guys jump in to help out and set it all up. When Ivanka shows up, Curtis sends Bret off to work so that he won't talk to Ivanka, then he lies to her and says they've already shot two scenes when they really haven't shot any. He interviews that he told her what she wanted to hear so they could keep moving. The editors add a little "ping" as he smiles big. Ivanka says she was impressed by Curtis's level of calm, and his good attitude.

White House. Obama's signing the hate crime prevention act into law, and Cyndi's there. Shot of him shaking her hand, and she gets all choked up talking about. Cyndi calls the ladies at Tenacity afterward, and tells them the story about her son, but no one listens to her at all. At the end, she's like, "Hello?" She asks if they heard any of it, and Summer lies that they heard all of it. Cyndi interviews that she's sad she's missing it, but she doesn't like Holly anyway and would never work with her in the real world. Tenacity starts shooting their commercial, and it stars Holly as the mom, hugging her son and smelling his funk. Even George smiles. Scottie's turn (I don't know why they wouldn't shoot his scene first, but whatever). RockSolid's shooting, too. There's a scene where Clyde shows up to hang out with some kids and they throw a ball at him hard, then one where the two kids hug up to him. Curtis is all, "In his pit; get up in his pit; not his nipple. I don't want any kinky shit going on in here." Curtis really respects Clyde for letting them do basically anything to him. Bret says Curtis is the man.

After the 30-second ad is shot, Michael has an idea for the ten: Someone steals a ball from Clyde, and he's like, "That's good defense, but you need Total Defense." Done. Ten seconds. Curtis likes it. They shoot it, and feel good about having the shots they needed. Bret admits he was wrong, and Curtis was right to stick to his guns. Back at Tenacity, the women are feeling a time crunch because they lose Scottie in a half-hour. Scottie reminds them that someone will get fired if they lose. For the 10-second shot, Scottie rubs Right Guard in a bunch of boys' armpits as they hang from a bar. I think it might have been shot incorrectly, because we could see the screen behind Holly as she watched, and it was only showing their legs. Scottie leaves, and Holly says she's stressing because of how rushed they were for time.

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