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Not A Dream Team

RockSolid gets into their van to go to the edit room, and Bret tells us he went into a vacuum at that time and tuned them out. As they discuss the presentation, Bret starts crying. Then he says he doesn't want her to be a diabetic, and can't picture her taking four shots a day. I really can't tell if the other guys are annoyed, but surely they are. Curtis reminds Bret that's why he's here: for diabetes. Bret says the guys have been great, as they're all super-nice and pat his shoulders and stuff. He says a couple times that he doesn't cry, but he prays all the time that his kids won't be diabetic. Goldberg asks the cameras to give him five minutes and the lights in the van go out. I know these guys are clearly not good at this show, but they do seem like pretty cool (if insane) people, overall.

Tenacity editing room. Selita thinks Maria's an aggressive women, who's literally plotting all the time. Maria doesn't seem to do anything but suggest stuff, so the problem might be Selita's. RockSolid editing room. They are so happy to find all the pieces are there for their 30-second commercial. Bret knows edit bay, and he loves the commercial. He says the task saved him, by making him laugh and take his mind of his daughter for a minute. They finish up the 30-second spot, but leave the 10-second one until the next day (when they'll have two more hours). Next morning, RockSolid heads back to the edit bay. Curtis says the most important thing was to see how Bret's doing. He says he's hoping for the best, and they don't know when they'll know, but she has all the symptoms. For some reason, we get close-ups of Michael as Bret talks.

Tenacity shows up at their edit room with Cyndi, and they're worried she'll make all kinds of suggestions. They show her the commercial, and she wonders if the "Funky Godfather" music can be doubled. Cyndi offers to sing with her, but Holly's just going to have it doubled with her own voice. Cyndi pushes her way in and sings it, saying she knows sound and music. In the other room, the girls say they're going to keep her from singing over the top. Cyndi barely adds herself and they love it. So... no drama? How did that happen? RockSolid decides to go a different direction and just use the outtakes for the internet version, because you can be looser. Meanwhile, Bill and Michael are working on the presentation, which needs to be a little bit of a show. Michael decides including all of their own stories of sweating and pressure is a good idea. Curtis and Bret shows everyone their 10-second outtake version, and everyone loves it. They can't believe they're finished before the task is over, but they're all happy with it. But Tenacity's still working on their 10-second. They decide to just use the locker scene from the middle of their 30-second spot, which Holly puts Maria in charge of while she works on the presentation. She tells us how annoying it was that Selita kept telling her she had nothing to do. Maria comes out and asks them if anyone wants to see it, and they all say no. Holly does come back in, and she's pissed at where her sound is. She thinks it's moved and she blames Maria, who says she asked them to come in ten minutes prior and they wouldn't. Holly's a snot to Maria, all, "I don't care anymore. Whatever." Selita and Summer baby her, and they all leave Maria behind. Why do women on reality TV have to make our gender appear so gross and petty and bitchy?

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