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Not A Dream Team

RockSolid presentation. Bret comes in first, claiming he's a lifelong user of Right Guard. He says no one sweats like he does, which is when Michael comes in, all, "Yeah right, golden boy." He gives his "I sweat a lot" speech, all about training as an athlete. That's when Curtis comes in and says he gets that Michael's fast, but it only takes him 20 seconds to get his sweating out, whereas he's in the kitchen for 16 or 17 hours a day, sweating up a storm. That's when Goldberg comes in and calls all the others "ladies." The guys rip off their shirts to reveal Right Guard jerseys, since they all have Right Guard underneath. The execs appear to be mostly humorless. They don't show any reaction at all to the commercial, and Bret says if their reaction meant anything, they totally lost. He calls it "a look of confusion and stoic-ness. Stofusion." They're expressionless through the 10-second spot, too. Bret tells them, "Our acting may stink; our armpits do not" on the way out. He's actually pretty good under pressure.

Tenacity's presentation. The women are all in Right Guard shirts. Holly reads from cards about her own son's first moments of funk. Which he surely loves her sharing on TV. Then Cyndi shares hers, but she mostly fumbles and can't remember what to say. She does compare Scottie Pippen to puberty. The execs seem to love the ad, though, which I don't get. The other one seemed to be a lot better. They sing their jingle on the way out, and the execs say they appreciate their hard work. Trump meets with the execs, who tell him that both teams did exceptionally well. They say the men's team seemed to get what the company was going after (they're all about high performance, and the focus on ages 13 to 18 instead of a mom), but the women were entertaining. They didn't like that the women just cut down the 30-second ad to 10 seconds. Trump asks them who won, which is our cue for a commercial break of course.

Afterward, Michael shows up at Trump's real (I think) office to tell him he has a family/personal situation and has to head to San Francisco to take care of his son. Trump asks, without concern, if his son's okay. Michael says he's fine, and Trump asks if he's fighting with his wife. Um, what?! Why would he ask that? Michael says it's just a personal situation, and Trump asks if it was a total surprise. Michael says absolutely. Trump says, "Wow. This is a big one." That's what she said. Michael says he'd stay if this were avoidable, and he's hoping he can come back. He'll know when he gets to San Francisco. Trump doesn't think it's fair to let him come back since he'll miss some firings and too much time will pass. Michael agrees, and leaves. Then Michael tells his team goodbye, and Bret explains that Michael didn't want to get into it, but they respect him and support him as a team. Michael says he loves his team and wants to stay, but he has to get back and handle his situation. Bret thinks it's surreal to be down to three people.

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