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Not A Dream Team

In the lobby, Selita says she promised herself she wasn't going to get "black girl," but she's two seconds away. Holly tells her sometimes you've got to do it. Maria just sits there since they're clearly going to gang up on her. But I think Holly has to also know Selita was the weakest, since she trusted Maria to work alone on something and was annoyed that Selita sat there doing nothing. In the boardroom, Ivanka says Holly was such a strong leader that it's hard not to fire her but Selita doesn't show any energy and she'd love to hear what she has to say. George says his feeling is you have to come to the boardroom ready to fight. Trump calls the ladies back in. He greets them with a furrowed brow, and then tells Holly it's a lot of pressure. She says she's bummed because she wants to make money for her charity. And she thinks she's a strong player and shouldn't be fired, so Trump asks her who should be. She says Selita's been strong, but George saw something that was weak. She says Maria's strong, but she's done things like call people out in the boardroom. Trump explains Maria lives in a tough word and Holly says, "Maybe it's a wrestler thing." Ivanka asks if Maria will do that to her, and Holly says yes, but she doesn't want to get rid of her; she just wants to stay. Maria doesn't agree she's like that. She also doesn't know why she's back, because she gave Holly two opportunities to come and look at the video she was editing. Holly says it's not true. Holly says Maria was ineffective in that room. Maria says that's not true.

Ivanka steps in and says this is off-topic, but she asks Selita how she feels about Maria calling her weak. Selita says it's fair; everyone's entitled to their opinion. They ask if she's weak, and she says she's not or she wouldn't have won $20,000 last week. She says she's able to be a team player. George tells her that if someone attacked him, he'd defend himself and her response has been lukewarm. She responds, lukewarm, "Absolutely." He tells her the players need to be strong and defend themselves. Trump agrees that the other two are both stronger than Selita, and Selita agrees, personality-wise. Trump asks Selita which one she'd fire, and she says Maria, because of the editing. WHICH IS NOT WHY THEY LOST, but whatever. It's a case of pointing the finger back at the person who pointed it at you, but she would have had a stronger case if she'd chosen, oh, I don't know, the woman who decided on everything in their losing task. Holly joins in and bashes Maria, who points out she made $10,000 for Holly's charity. Trump interrupts them and says that the thing is, Holly and Maria are both strong, tough, and smart, and he doesn't see the same fire in Selita, so... she's fired. She thanks him for this opportunity to bring awareness to her charity, and for winning $20,000. The women leave arm in arm, and Selita tells Holly she loves her and Maria that she respects her and she's fierce. Trump, George, and Ivanka all agree it was an easy decision.

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