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"It Was Like Watching A Horse Die"

Octane. Wade's laidback and not causing any drama, so naturally everyone hates him. Wade puts Steuart and Anand in charge of models and clothing, because they're stylish and work well together. Gene and David decide to co-emcee. Wade tells David not to be a smart-ass, and David assures him it's not standup comedy. Wade decides that if David is going to work well with anyone, it's going to be Gene. Everyone's worried about David, especially now that he might be hopped up on painkillers because of his tooth. He says something about how you're a sad sack of shit if you're not wearing Rockports, and everyone looks shocked. Oh, and also? The guys have no theme. Basically, both teams are a disaster. Of course.

Then Catherine shows up to check in on the guys. She's super sweet to Wade, asking him how he feels about fashion (he's comfortable with it). Wade is checking in on his team and seeing how everyone's doing. Catherine thinks he's not doing a ton of work, but that he's really thought out how he's delegated everything. The models show up to strut for Anand and Steuart. Gene laughs that it's like putting wolves in the henhouse. After they choose the models they'd like, Anand and Steuart take the models shopping. What a burden their task is. Over at Fortitude, the male models show up and all of the women get totally giddy. Which is understandable, since these men are beautiful. Juan shows up, and Stephanie kisses his ass, making it all about her and how much she has done. Juan's totally bought in, and says the women are doing great and this challenge is theirs to lose.

Kelly and Poppy are shopping with just one model and the measurements of everyone else (figuring it would be way too much to shop with all eight models). Kelly thinks finding clothes (especially the boxers) is the biggest responsibility on this task. The guys, on the other hand, strut all of their models into the mall as the universal music of taking forever picks up. Anand later tells us who his favorite model was, but he lists all of them, basically. Steuart whispers to Anand that he can't believe he told him about his girlfriend. Anand says they're both screwed. More wacky music plays as they shop and shop and shop, and get more and more stressed. It's much harder than Anand expected it to be. And that's not a euphemism. I hope.

Poppy gets back and talks with hair and makeup people, when Stephanie accosts her about the underwear. Apparently, Kelly and Poppy only got one pair of underwear (thinking the finale was just one guy, I guess), so Stephanie lectures Poppy about this being the most important part: "We need the lineup of naked men." I mean, who can argue with that? Stephanie tells Poppy she has to do something about this. Then she shit-talks with Mahsa about what an incompetent loser Poppy is. They're two peas in a pod, those two. It's more humor and less drama (for now) over at Octane. Anand, to a model: "You still have to get your hair done, right?" Model: "No. This is my hair now." Anand: "I like it. It looks great." Hee. Smooth. David practices his opening and closing, and Wade seems impressed. He's also happy with Gene's preparation.

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