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"It Was Like Watching A Horse Die"

Trump asks Juan how he feels, and Juan thinks there are two individuals he'd consider firing, and an emcee is the most important part of a fashion show. Gene steps up and says he'll take responsibility for his poor performance. Trump asks Gene who he'd fire, and Gene says Trump has to make that call. Gene says he wanted to help Wade, and Trump fires Gene. Then he fires Wade. But, sadly, he doesn't fire David. He does send all the guys out with a last, "You were terrible. Terrible." Wade and Gene ride the elevator of shame together. Juan and Catherine agree completely with Trump, just like good little "advisers."

Wade's taxicab confession: He got fired for putting too much faith in himself, which he swore he wouldn't do. Gene's: He says it doesn't feel good, and he let his project manager and his team down, so he got fired. Rockport Next Steps tells us that Gene's started his own company: an assisted living facility; and Wade's the best known real estate agent in Minnesota, which has been good. His dream is to own as much real estate as Trump. Yeah, good luck.

Next week: The teams will create pedicab touring companies. The women turn on the sex appeal, and David turns everyone off. They nickname him the virus, and Clint begs Trump to fire him.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, can't find anyone to root for. You can contact her at

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