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Dennis has a Problem

Boardroom. Ivanka. Jon. Teams walk in, then Trump. Dennis looks sad. Tionne looks serious. Trump asks Tionne how her team did, and she says her team did great. He says he heard she did great, and asks the team. They all say yes, and he calls out Melissa, surprised she'd agree. She says she's the one who suggested Tionne, knowing she could do it and that they'd all rally behind her. Melissa says it was no shock. Trump tells Tionne she was under the radar until now, so he's glad to see it. He asks Joan how Tionne did, and Joan can't find a fault. He asks Annie, and she can't think of a fault either. He asks how she thinks the team did, and Annie thinks they did great as a hotel staff, although there's no telling with the guests' opinions. Trump calls out Khloe for disappearing. She says she had to, and he says she missed a tough week. Trump asks what comments were, and Jon leads with the comments for the ladies being "The food was warm and on time." If that's the highest praise they got, they're in trouble. But, no, there's more. They loved the tickets, and thought the women were terrific, and would stay at a hotel Athena was running. Trump asks what their mistakes were, and Jon says it was not being told a service was double the price it actually was, and that Natalie needed improvement with her service. Trump tells Natalie he's surprised. Joan tries to defend Natalie because of the "gay men." Trump asks if she discriminates, but she loves gay men. Annie says she loved the guys in that room, who were her friends. Joan says Natalie was running her tail off. Melissa says they liked the idea of making these women run.

Trump doesn't talk to the men yet, strangely, but asks Ivanka what some of their comments were. She says that they said most of the team was professional, underlining the word most. They said the concierge was great, and got tickets and dinner. Negatives were that it took awhile to get into their rooms. Trump says that's nice, and then tells them Vinny and Stephen were just sent in to keep them on their toes; they didn't fill out any guest cards. Trump asks Dennis if he thinks he won. He says, "Nah." Trump asks why, and he says, "Just because." Dennis says he wasn't happy at all with the team. He says it was good in the beginning, but then it was more like being frustrated because the team wouldn't listen and just did their own thing. Trump asks if they listened, and he says they did for the first four hours. Trump asks Jesse what happened, and Jesse says that Dennis obviously has a drinking problem. Trump asks if Brian agrees, and he does. The women nod in agreement. Joan says that Dennis was very exuberant and happy in the concierge office. She says it was a great way for Dennis, but screwing up her work. She tells him she loves him, and he says he knows. Trump says he was hoping KOTU would do great under Dennis's leadership. Trump asks if Dennis is a good leader, and Clint says he was for awhile until he did what Dennis does: broke away, wanted to play, have fun. Clint says there was a point when Dennis sank well below the Loews Regency standard.

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