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Dennis has a Problem

Trump asks Dennis if he'd like to respond, and he asks how Trump would like him to respond to that. Trump says he could defend himself, he guesses. Dennis says he did the best job he could, and he's the one who assigned everyone their tasks. He also got the cars. He says he saw the women had champagne, and went and got that stuff for his team, too. Brian says Dennis had great ideas in the beginning. Trump asks if then it started to fade. Dennis says that everything these guys supposedly did, he actually did, but Trump asks if he disappeared. He says he got frustrated, and Trump asks if that means he walked out on his team. But Dennis says he did most of the other guys' jobs for the four hours.

Trump asks Jesse if Dennis did a good job, and Jesse says no, because of the drinking. He says it starts funny, gets wild, and then turns to mean. Jesse says he's seen him explode and get loud, and that doesn't go over well in a hotel atmosphere. Trump asks Herschel, and he agrees Dennis has a drinking problem. Trump asks Dennis if that's true, and Dennis says these guys are kind of blind and that a drinking problem has nothing to do with it. He changes the subject, and says, "You had a drinking problem when you were 14." Trump asks who he's pointing at, and Dennis says Jesse, but tells Trump to ask him. He does, and Jesse says he had a drinking problem, but stopped almost nine years ago. Trump congratulates him.

Dennis goes on that he's fighting against four guys here, and there's nothing he can do. Jesse says he has something to say: There are two of the greatest athletes in the history of American sports right here (pointing to Herschel and Jesse, in case someone thought he meant Clint or, I don't know, Natalie), and just look at the contrast. Jesse actually looks like he's going to cry. Trump asks if Jesse sees a big contrast, and how Herschel is. Jesse says that he's better than you would expect, even knowing everything about him. He's even more than you think he is. Jesse says he sees people's eyes light up when they see Dennis, and then they meet him and there's a little bit of disappointment. Jesse says he's sad for Dennis. Trump tells Dennis that's a big statement, but Dennis says there ain't no disappointment. Jesse says this isn't about the hotel or the task, but there's a larger issue at hand. Dennis asks if this is about his issue, or about this game. He says none of the guys have defended him since Day One. Jesse tells him he'll stick up for him, to help him work and do his job, but when it goes beyond the threshold of getting him to be a team player, he can only do much.

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