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Dennis has a Problem

Brande's taking Bouvier, who is a seriously ugly dog, for a walk. She asks the dog if it's a boy or a girl, but it doesn't tell her, so she's all, "I don't know." She interviews how she knows how to treat people because she's stayed at nice hotels. She finds a patch of grass, and the dog pees. She laughs, "It's a girl!"

Vinny arrives back, and asks if they got him his plans. They weren't able to get him into Rao's, but they got him into Tao. He's cool with that. And he's happy to hear the cannolis and CD are in his room. He asks where Dennis is, and they look at each other blankly, and then say he had to step out. Vinny thanks them and asks Jesse to walk him to his room. Stephen's next in, to complain about the $400 cover for the cabaret show, and the additional $142 in fees. Joan tells him that she wishes she could say he's wrong. She says she never thought to tell him how expensive it was. She interviews it was her fault, and then she tells Stephen that she will ask the hotel if she can get him a discount or have it comped.

Dennis is arriving back at the hotel. He greets everyone casually. But then he starts screaming and swearing in front of their guests who are headed to their show. Brian interviews that this is so ridiculous now that you can't even get mad at it. He says that, at some point, something went seriously wrong with Dennis. Brian asks Dennis about the cookies, and Dennis is all, "What cookies?" Then he takes off to get the cookies. But he gets a vodka cranberry first, as dramatic music plays. He walks through the kitchen and steals a whole carton of cookies. He delivers them to Jesse and Brian, saying, "You want some cookies? Here, cookies, out the ass." He actually repeats "out the ass" several times. Because he's Dennis, and he's completely insane. Brian tells Dennis he's doing a hell of a job, and Dennis says he's out of here, because the other guys are too fucking cool. He changes back into his T-shirt and sweats and says "Goodbye." Jesse interviews that working with Dennis went from being funny to being sad, because he thinks he has an alcohol problem. Um, yeah, I would agree with that. If you can't do a day's work without stopping for seven vodka cranberries, you might have a problem.

It's morning. KOTU's making breakfast in the kitchen. The women are taking orders for the complimentary breakfasts they're giving out. Khloe's back, and she's carrying a glass of orange juice. She explains she was away on a personal matter the first day, but she just sort of jumped in today. She says, "It's room service. How hard could it be?" Maybe she should say that to Natalie. Another guy orders breakfast from Joan, and a pedicure for his wife. She can do that at 9:30 in the room, which he's happy with. Jesse asks the women to keep it down, since they're trying to think, but he's joking. He says they expected a morning rush, but didn't get it. They think they kept their people so happy last night, they slept in. Or maybe they didn't offer complimentary breakfast and the women did? They joke about Athena's maid outfits, specifically visualizing Herschel in one.

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