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Girls Just Wanna Manage This

The challenge interests Donald in the same way that he was fascinated that Trace's career really took off after he was on The Apprentice. Trace shakes his head. They will be making over two young country stars. They will prepare them for an interview with People Country magazine. Then, they will prepare them for a performance. Judging them will be a journalist from the magazine, a well known country DJ, and Pete Fisher who is the general manager of the Grand Ole Opry. Greasy Trump says that they will be judged on the overall makeover, the press kit they create and the value they add to the artist's potential breakout.

Donald asks them to choose their project manager. Cyndi volunteers and Holly and team agree. Donald thinks it's an obvious chose as well. She interviews that she loves to work with artists and reinvents herself all of the time. The guys huddle and decide that Goldberg will do it. Donald wonders why it isn't Bret and he says that it's Goldberg's turn. Wouldn't Bret have an expertise that Goldberg wouldn't? Yes, but they all work as a team and Goldberg says it won't matter. He interviews that he can't shrink away from the challenge. The winning project manager gets 20k for their charity.

In the van, Cyndi tells the girls that she thinks if a person is comfortable in their own clothes you go from there and make it bigger. Maria interviews that she's an aspiring singer and is excited to watch one of her idols, Holly Robinson -- kidding! Cyndi is one of her idols and she is excited to watch her at work. Holly says to Cyndi that even though she's project manager, she needs to utilize the rest of them. She only gets out half of the thought though before Cyndi cuts her off and says, "Yeah, both of you are singers. You don't think I know that?" Not what she was saying, Cyndi. Holly tries to explain but it's weird. Cyndi interviews that she likes Holly, but they're all tired and edgy. Summer interviews that things are tense after the last boardroom meeting.

Maria says that she has a huge closet of clothes, but Cyndi says that she does NOT want their artist to dress like Maria. That would be an ouch. Maria says she was just offering. Cyndi says that they need a beauty shot for a girl and sexy, cute for a guy. Maria says that Lady Gaga isn't that concerned with looking beautiful and Cyndi corrects her. She has worked with her (the giant MAC billboard in Times Square is proof) and she is very concerned with her beauty. Holly jokes, "So there" to Maria and she responds that everything from Cyndi has been like that for this challenge so far. Cyndi says that it's just a matter of Maria thinking she knows something that she doesn't. Maria interviews that having one of her childhood heroes attacking her is changing her opinion of Cyndi.

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