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Girls Just Wanna Manage This

Bret calls some music people who are familiar with the artists. Lots of talk, but no decision. Bret says that he doesn't care who they work with. During negotiations, the guys ask who the girls want. Goldberg says that he doesn't like negotiating with people he can't beat up. The men are tight-lipped with the girls and finally Cyndi just says that they want Emily, so the guys give her to them. Goldberg interviews, "They're women," so you just give them what they want. Holly tells Bret to not put any guyliner on Luke, but he jokes that guyliner gives one special powers. That's what I've been missing.

Now Tenacity is having a meeting. Cyndi tells Maria that the best interviews are when you are leading the interview. Maria says she does that all of the time. Cyndi says that's how she became famous. What a pissing contest! Just everybody shut up about what someone else is saying.

Then, Maria brings up her interview with Playboy. Cyndi starts to say that she's really not talking about that kind of interview but stops herself, kind of. Maria says that they would ask her if she was shaved or hairy. Everyone is seriously like WTF is she talking about? Then, she says that she has done so many interviews and has been through a lot. Oh, Cyndi gets that she's not talking about interviewing. Maria is hurt by the way Cyndi acted to her in the car earlier. She tries to tell Maria that she acts like she knows everything, but Maria's not hearing it. Cyndi really apologizes to try to get through everything, but Maria, while she accepts it, still seems upset. Cyndi interviews that, what, are they going to tell Emily West to talk about shaving or not?

That last comment is juxtaposed with big-faced Emily West walking into Tenacity with her mouth opened really wide. She's happy to be with the girls. Cyndi tells her that she wants to take a leather and lace approach to her look -- pretty, but a little rough. Holly interviews that Cyndi's all over the place and needs to give up some control. I don't really see that, but I like Cyndi Lauper. Emily jokes with imitating Cyndi's accent, which I'm sure annoys her.

RockSolid meet with Luke. Bret says he wants to bring out the rock star in Luke. Curtis discovers that he and Luke are essentially the same size. So, they exchange shirts to make sure. Curtis is looking hella FINE. Bret has Luke try on a shirt of his that he wasn't already wearing. Goldberg asks him what color his eyes are and is immediately embarrassed. Luke seems really uncomfortable trying stuff on. Bret thinks it was funny seeing Goldberg's other side, the side that talks about eye color.

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