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Girls Just Wanna Manage This

Curtis and Goldberg go shopping with a shopping consultant. Curtis thought it was so funny to be with one of the most macho guys in the world and one of the gayest guys in the world. Are those charts in Billboard? Holly is still frustrated that Cyndi won't task anything out. Maria is in charge of hair and make-up but won't really listen to Cyndi's requests. More friction between the ladies! Cyndi's thinking Brigitte Bardot. Holly acknowledges that Cyndi is an icon, but thinks she should have respect for their own accomplishments.

Bret tells Luke to not talk about being tired to reporters. No one wants to hear that. That's actually good advice. Meanwhile, he interviewed that morning that he was hungover and tired because the guys celebrated their big win. Maria's interview advice for Emily was all about managing Playboy reporters. Summer was having problems wrangling Cyndi while shopping. She says that she tried to get her in line "time after time" then laughs at her own accidental joke.

Bret has a hard time with Luke because Luke knows too much what he wants and he's reticent to try new stuff. On the way back from shopping, Cyndi is worried about what the make-up will look like. At the studio, Sharon returns! She looks kinda weak, but she interviews that this task is something she could do in her sleep. Cyndi and Summer return. Cyndi hates the make-up, but Holly thinks it's fine. Also the make-up artist airbrushed Emily, which Cyndi hates. She interviews that you spray paint "the old buzzards" not the kids! Good point. Cyndi starts asking Sharon questions about what Emily is wearing and Maria interviews that it bothers her. Sharon reminds us that this is what she and Cyndi do professionally, so of course they would trust each other.

Trace drops in on RockSolid. Bret tells Trace that he's trying to push Luke out of his comfort zone. Luke comes into the room and tells Trace that he's having a great time, though he's nervous. Trace interviews that he couldn't really tell what direction the guys are going in. Then, they start talking about Bret's daughter. [This actually makes sense and is less forced than it could have been because Trace was all about raising awareness/money for food allergies because his own daughter's issues when he was on the show. -- Angel] Since he's diabetic, his children have a greater chance of suffering from it as well. He shouldn't really be drinking then. The blood results will come in today. Trace says that he hopes everything works out.

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