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Girls Just Wanna Manage This

Trace drops in on Tenacity next. Summer comments that he's so big! She asks if he could take Goldberg in a fight, but he doesn't want to find out. He kisses Emily and she tells him that he smells like leather and coffee, "Just like a man!" Trace felt that there was a lot of exciting activity going on. He also noted that some of the girls seemed unhappy. He reminds all of us that an entire generation of young girls wanted to emulate Cyndi Lauper's fashions, so he thinks they should give her free reign. Trace tells Sharon that she has the patience to do well on this show because of the man she has to work with all of the time. She looks like she's about to get annoyed when he adds that he's talking, not about Ozzy, but about Piers Morgan. They both enjoy a hearty laugh.

At the RockSolid photo shoot, Bret tries to direct the photographer to make something rock yet not cheesy. Curtis and Goldberg have the clothes, but their van is late. While in traffic, Goldberg snarls. Curtis worries that he's going to lose it and start piledriving some knuckleheads. They finally make it to the shoot with the clothes. Bret makes him wear heavy jewelry, which is weird. Goldberg screams at Luke to smile, which is also weird. Bret thinks Goldberg scared Luke.

The Tenacity girls have hung roses upside down to be behind Emily's head in her pictures. Cyndi directs her a lot. Then, Maria, who says she's been "modeling" since she was 14, starts taking charge. It immediately bothers Cyndi, because she didn't ask her about it. Cyndi tells us that sometimes church and state crossover, sometimes they don't. But, back to The Apprentice where a wrestling girl is interfering with the work of a pop star/Mad About You guest star. Summer says that Maria has some good ideas, but she needs to realize that Cyndi is project manager. Sharon notes that Cyndi seems disorganized but gets where she needs to go. They seem happy with the photos.

Later, Tenacity meets with the journalist from People. Cyndi introduces Emily to the reporter, the Tenacity team sits outside but within earshot. Emily gives a serious and heartfelt interview. The reporter interviews that she'd spoken with Emily before and now she seemed deeper. Emily tells us that Maria gave her really great advice.

The reporter meets with Luke while Bret was nearby. Luke immediately says he's tired. Dude. Goldberg was bothered by how many times Luke said "you know" in the interview. Then, he starts yawning! And, it looks like he's burping! Afterwards, he apologizes to the reporter for yawning but talks more about being tired. She interviews that Luke seems tired and needs to focus on who he wants to be. They review Luke's photos and he doesn't seem to like any of them. Curtis points out that they are supposed to be making over Luke, but he doesn't want to look any different.

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