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Girls Just Wanna Manage This

Holly winces and Donald asks her why. She says that Cyndi stepped on her sometimes, but she was project manager. Sharon winced too and she says she did because Maria shouldn't be there as a fan. She also tells Donald that Cyndi asked for her advice during the challenge. Cyndi says that Sharon is one of the greatest managers ever.

Goldberg says that he didn't think his team was at a disadvantage, because they also had Bret. Donald asks about his daughter -- she's fine, though he didn't get the answer he wanted. Goldberg says that he delegated a lot of responsibility to Bret, which they have to defend. Donald asks why Luke didn't wear a bandana, a la Bret's signature look. Bret says that Luke didn't feel comfortable going that far. Also, Donald says he would wear a bandana if he were in the music business. [Good luck trying to get that terrifying image out of your head. -- AC]

Trace likes Emily's packet, but Donald says that Trace clearly isn't a "skin" man. This one's for you, Emily. Thanks for playing. Donald thinks that Luke is handsome, but guys aren't his thing. Goldberg says, "Join the club, except for Bret." This is so much fun. Donald thinks Luke should be wearing a bandana and Trace speaks for the world and asks him to drop the bandana talk.

Bret tells Trace that Luke didn't want to change anything. Trace says that Luke usually wears a ball cap onstage, so he was surprised to see him without it. Goldberg says that thought they would get a newbie and Luke was established and cautious. Donald asks Sharon if she could make Luke a star. She doesn't know. Does Donald have what it takes? "Abso-fucking-lutely," his her typically demure response.

The judges liked the men's press pack more. However, the judges like the women's makeover better. Still not over. In terms of breakout potential, they think the ladies have it. Cyndi wins! Oh my God, her organization benefits an LGBT charity. Awesome, especially with all the "I don't like guys!" talk.

The girls leave and it's firing time. Back at the penthouse, Cyndi thanks the other girls and apologizes for tarnishing Maria's image of her. But, she tells her to never meet a person she admires, they will only let her down.

In the boardroom, Goldberg says that he just thought it was his time to step up as project manager. Bret says that he would fire himself, because he took on so much responsibility. Curtis agrees, though he doesn't want to. Donald reminds them that Goldberg was the project manager. Curtis says that he worked to keep everyone on schedule, because Bret can get, shall we say, tangential. Cyndi hates hearing this on the closed circuit. Holly says that this is a hard game for creative people. Greasy Trump asks why Goldberg didn't volunteer to be project manager earlier. Goldberg revises and says that Bret did 70% of the work, which Donald still points out is a lot for the project manager to delegate. Donald asks Goldberg who should be fired. He doesn't really answer, but he's fired. Bret says that he feels sick to his stomach and Donald tells him to get out of the room, because he survived. Outside, it's all good vibes. Inside, Trace says that he would have fired Bret instead. [Someone had the nerve to disagree with Trump! Awesome. Of course that meant that Donald basically had to browbeat him into seeing his reasoning, but whatever. -- AC]

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