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Karma's a Bitch

Trump asks Melissa about her video. She thinks it was so funny you couldn't stop laughing. Trump shows them both videos. Everyone's puzzled by KOTU's video. Annie says it was terrible, and she didn't understand it. She says it wasn't viral, or pushing the edge. Trump says it was pushing the edge in one way, and that the girl was beautiful. Brande says yes, but she doesn't look like a mother. Annie says she's very much the demographic of All -- with four children -- and she doesn't want to see that. Now it's time for the other video. Athena cracks up through the whole thing. Jesse is awesome. KOTU loves Athena's video. They think Jesse is the right person for the demographic. Jesse says this is the best team experience he's had so far. Trump asks why the bad words at the end, and Melissa says it was everyone's idea, though Brande looks like she wants to disagree. Then he asks about using the word midget. Melissa explains they checked viral video key words and "midget" was high up -- one of the top five words. Tionne feels like they won. He compliments her on last week.

Trump says it's time to find out. All's executives hated both videos. They didn't like Melissa's demeaning of the little people or the foul language. With Clint's, they hated that it was almost like porn and don't need a woman in a bikini bathing suit. Trump agrees with them, so he asks Clint to pick two people and Melissa to pick two people, and they will all come back into the boardroom. They're going to come back together, and Trump's going to fire two people. Melissa says they discussed this earlier and Tionne stepped up to go into the boardroom. Melissa also chooses Brande. Brande doesn't look happy about it. Clint chooses to bring Khloe and Natalie. Interesting. He doesn't want Melissa and Joan in there together, I guess.

Clint tells Khloe and Natalie that he's going to tell Trump that he deserves to be fired, not them. But they say that he could fire two from a team. Brande thinks he'll fire one from each team, but Khloe says he can do anything because he's Donald Trump. Clint doesn't think there's any way that will happen. It wouldn't make a lot of sense, but I guess it's whoever fights best, so it could be two from one team. In the boardroom, the Trumps talk about how bad the teams did. Then they call the six losers back in.

Melissa asks why she brought Brande and Tionne back in. Melissa says she had nothing to fault anyone on, but she felt like it was such a collaborative effort. She says she needed volunteers, but she knows she was going. Trump asks what Tionne thought of Melissa. She liked her. So did Brande. There was harmony, and no arguing. Trump says this is very hard, because she's the project manager, so she'd normally be fired but everyone thought she did amazing. He also says some people loved the video, but unfortunately the people who counted didn't like it. Melissa understands that, but she is thrilled that Perez liked it. Trump points out that Brande didn't volunteer to come back, but Tionne did. Trump asks if Tionne has heard of Bradford. She doesn't know who he's talking about (and I'm honestly a little surprised Trump remembers him), so he explains that Baldford volunteered to come back despite having exemption, and Trump fired him for that. He says somewhere Baldford's watching, and he knows what Trump's going to do, so he fires Tionne. Melissa gasps. Brande looks sad. Melissa tries to stick up for Tionne, but Trump sends them all out.

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