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Karma's a Bitch

Tionne interviews that she was surprised he fired her, but she doesn't mind taking chances. She thinks that speaks for itself. Back in the viewing room, where they aren't getting to watch anything, they are all saying how this isn't right. Apparently they think Melissa's team should have won. Joan says she's on the show for two reasons: to raise money for charity, and to work with Melissa. She would be very upset if Melissa were fired. In come Melissa and Brande. She explains she would have been fired if Tionne hadn't volunteered. Everyone feels sorry for Tionne.

Trump asks the three KOTU team members if they're surprised. Clint is. Trump says one of them is next. Commercials, including Melissa and Joan in an actual All commercial, where they ask us to go to their website to watch the viral video and put more money in the tills for their charities. But, because I hate All's uptight executives, I'm not even going to link to it, or watch it. Sorry, charities. I'm petty like that. And All should hire some people with a sense of humor.

Back in the boardroom, Trump asks Natalie what she thinks. She thinks it's weird that Clint brought Khloe and Natalie in instead of Joan, who he fought with all day for two days. Trump says it was smart, because he thought Clint would bring Joan in, but Trump wouldn't have fired her, because she was right about what she was saying. Clint says he does take responsibility for his actions. Trump says he respects that. He says he respects everyone on the show, which is why they're here. Right. It's not just because these are the yahoos he could get to do the show. Trump asks if Clint's sold about as many country music albums as anyone. Clint says it's roughly 20 million. Trump says that's amazing, but Clint says it's satisfying. Trump says there's always a reason for success, and then asks if Clint would like to be fired so he can go home and do concerts since he's a busy guy. Clint would like to continue with the game. Trump asks Natalie about a big golf tournament she has coming up soon in Asia. He asks if she would be happy to be fired. She would rather go on, even if she misses the golf tournament. She says there are a lot of golf tournaments, but this is once-in-a-lifetime. She says she'll fight to the end, and miss the appearance fee and prize money.

Trump turns to Khloe. He asks why she missed the task last week, because he had no idea. He says he saw her the other day and asked where she was and would like her to now tell us. She says she had a DUI and her judge wasn't happy she was leaving, because she's supposed to take classes. So she had to fly back and go to the coroner's office, which she says makes no sense since she had to back to L.A. anyway, despite the leave of absence. Trump says a DUI is very serious stuff. She agrees with him and has taken full responsibility since she got it. He's glad about that and hopes it doesn't happen again. She says she's taking DUI classes, and he asks what she's learned. She says she's learned a lot, because she's in a room with people who are 18 to 82, so she hears a lot of different experiences. Trump interrupts and says he hates people who drive under the influence. He loves mothers who go fight against it. He knows three families who have lost children to drunken drivers. He says those families have never been the same. He tells her that he lost a little respect for her when she said that's where she was. No one on staff told him where she was. He says if he had known she'd miss time on the show because of the DUI, she would have never been on the show. Um, hello, Trump? Dennis Rodman. I don't like Khloe at all, so I'm glad he's turning on her, but maybe come up with a better reason. Although, I guess leaving the show for a DUI is a little different than having one nine years ago and just getting drunk on the show constantly. He tells her it's terrible, and that he can't do nothing after what happened to Dennis last week. He asks what her charity is, and she tells him: Brent Shapiro Foundation, which he should know since she won as PM and gave her charity money already. She says it's a drug and alcohol awareness charity. He says it's a great charity, but that what she did goes beyond this task. He's going to give $20,000 to her charity, but she's fired.

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