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Karma's a Bitch

In the lobby, Khloe's all "Ta-ta." No, really. That's what she says. She didn't listen to any of what Trump said, I think, or she doesn't care. She hugs both Clint and Natalie, and Clint apologizes, saying he never would have thought in a million years that would happen. She tells him not to worry, and smiles as she gets on the elevator. In the boardroom, Trump hopes she learns. That's a pretty funny contrast to her "Ta-ta" and smiley face. I sort of love Trump right now (I'm not seeing this as hypocrisy, since I really think he wants to help Khloe and Dennis in the same way). In the car, Khloe says Trump made the wrong decision, since she's learned her lesson and has been paying for it every day. She's trying to fix something she did wrong, and says it sucks she had to go out this way, because that's not how she wants people to remember her.

Next week: Trump shocks the teams, and then things get so rough that he calls in a surprise guest for backup. I'm guessing Dr. Phil. I can't wait. Or, actually, I can and would, in fact, like to wait.

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