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Karma's a Bitch

Athena van: Melissa would like to first settle on their creative thoughts. Jesse thinks they should use one of his Hell's Angel friends on his bike with Brande. He says lots of scenes with the biker spilling beer and then go to Brande, who will say how hard it is to be a biker's "mama." Annie doesn't like this idea, because she says bikers have already been used too often in this way. Annie throws out "Jesse James being bathed by midgets," and says there's no one on Earth who wouldn't open that video. I'm not sure that's a great idea, but she's on the right track with this. You have to do something crazy if you want it to be viral. Jesse immediately says he's not doing it. Melissa and Tionne like it, but Jesse says he's never doing that. All the ladies tell him it's funny. Annie's calling her idea a really great idea, and she's saying Jesse is being a hindrance and that he should step up.

KOTU: Joan asks if the product is called "Small and Mighty," which finally helps me get the midget thing. Joan has a similar idea: a washing machine, with midgets just coming out and coming out and coming out. Khloe laughs just hearing it, so I'm thinking it might make a pretty funny viral video. Go Joan! Herschel had a prior engagement, but he calls the van to pitch his idea: wash little people in All detergent and then hang them out to dry. Clint's trying to envision how they'd hang the little people. Natalie looks slightly horrified. Clint finally veers away from the midget ideas, and says that sometimes people call sex "doing the wash." He says there's a couple and the man asks if she wants to do the wash. Finally, later in bed, she says, "Okay, honey, I will if you want to," but he tells her it was a small load, so he did it by hand. All the ladies like this dirty joke, and decide to go with it. They're going to use a lingerie model and a midget (okay, so we're going to be using little people no matter what with a product called "Small and Mighty"). They're pitching all sorts of additions to the "doing the wash" conversation.

Athena's meeting with the All executives, who explain more about what they're looking for. Their consumers are women 25 and older: "Women with children. Not moms." Meaning ... I guess that they're not traditional moms. They're women first, mothers second. They ask the executives how far they can push the envelope in terms of being outrageous. Annie asks if anything is completely taboo. They say it has to appeal to their hypothetical customer. And they say the title of the video is important.

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