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Karma's a Bitch

Director of photography Joe arrives, and Clint tells them what their set-up is. The women are very unhappy that Clint is doing all of this without talking to them. They think it's not funny, what he's doing. Khloe thinks it's too late, and Clint loves it. Plus: He's the project manager. Khloe interviews that the women were a little "weary" [sic] of doing this, but Clint's really adamant about it, so they're going to follow their leader, because in the end he's their boss. But instead of following him, they sit over there and whisper about how much they hate it. Joan is upset that they will sit there and whisper, but not stand up to him. She walked with Gloria Steinem and burned her bra so these ladies wouldn't cave in. Okay, really? I don't think what we are seeing is anti-feminism. Joan gets up and takes care of telling Clint that she doesn't like it. She has a suggestion, but Clint's already left the room. Joan talks to the camera that this is supposed to be funny, not serious, then she sarcastically says, "But I'm not the director." She leaves and the camera pans to the actual director, who mouths, "Not the director." He hates Joan for saying that, and I can't say that I blame him. Joan's very disappointed in Clint. She thought he'd be smart and clever, but now he disagrees with her!!! All she can do is shake her head.

Athena's writing and planning their video. Melissa loves having a roomful of people working quietly. It's really only Jesse, Melissa, and Brande, so I wouldn't call it a "roomful," but I see her point. Don enters then, and they tell him how well it's going. Jesse says it's way more organized than working with the men. Don interviews about how lucky Jesse is. Then he asks them their concept and they all sort of stifle laughter. They tell him they're doing "little people," and Don seems surprised. He asks if women with children want to watch videos of little people. He also thinks using the word midget will be offensive to some executives. Don's all, "That's interesting," but you know by interesting, he means "different and surprising" rather than "something he's interested in." Brande interviews that it worried her when Don was "hesitant of" [sic] their idea, because it made her think they were going down the wrong path. She doesn't know if it's funny.

The actors -- two little people -- come in. Brande greets them warmly, but Don looks sort of in awe. Jesse jumps right in and tells them that All's tagline is "Small and mighty," which is where the actors will come in. He tells them it will be fun, and animated, and they can yell and scream and make fun of Jesse. Don asks what the actors think of the concept and they just say it's better than being an Oompa-Loompa. Don jokes that probably anything is better than that. As if he'd know. The actors are cool with doing it, so Don jokes that Jesse will be in a Speedo; is that okay?

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