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Karma's a Bitch

After commercial, we're still at KOTU. The female model has arrived. Khloe talks about it, but she just babbles because she says she knows nothing about what they're doing. Joan asks Clint what she can do, and he says there's nothing right now. Khloe sarcastically says, "As long as you know we're here for you," and rolls her eyes. Joan interviews that Clint dismissed the women, which was fine with her because she will not work with him again. She's so mad she's going to knock his hat off. I don't know that he actually "dismissed" anyone. It seems like he's going with his idea, which is his right as project manager, and all of the women are resistant and complainy, so he's just doing it himself. If they would step up like they should, I'm sure he would have plenty for them to do. But they're fighting him on every turn. Natalie says it was awkward to have nothing to do. They were pretty bored. Shots of Joan sleeping on the couch. Khloe's talking to Herschel, telling him how horrible it all is. Khloe thinks they'll lose, and that Clint should be fired, but she'd actually be okay with any of them being fired because this day has been so weird.

Annie's back with Athena. She's put All decals on white Converse and tells the actors they're going to look great. Jesse explains that the wardrobe was the most important part, because they need to look like All detergent bottles. Tionne asks if they prefer little people to midget, and one guy says he doesn't find any of it offensive, but another guy raises his eyebrow. He doesn't pipe up, though, so I have no idea if that even happened at that moment or was just edited to look like it annoyed him. One of the actors hates the outfit, because he thinks he looks like an Oompa-Loompa,which he kind of does. They shoot the video, and it's actually very funny. Annie's really happy with Jesse, who jumped in and let them scrub him.

KOTU's shooting the actress in his hotel room when Herschel arrives. Ivanka comes then, too, and Khloe, Natalie and Joan sarcastically explain the concept -- which they all thought was hilarious before the executive meeting, if you'll recall. Ivanka doesn't hate it. Herschel doesn't get it until they explain it to him. Ivanka does think they can't do this without a little person, and wonders why Joan's input wasn't respected. They really paint a one-sided picture for Herschel and Ivanka, which I guess is their right. Herschel comes in and asks Clint what he can do. Clint doesn't know if there's much he can do. Herschel asks him to calm down, but he won't. Herschel says he knew then that Clint didn't want his input. Herschel ends up seeing the scene where the lady comes in and takes off her robe, ready to do the dirty laundry. Herschel doesn't get it. He thinks Clint just misses his wife. None of them think it's funny. They think it's a disgrace. Joan finds it offensive. She thinks Clint's hat must be too tight, which is what causes him to sit in the bed with the Trump book and the tissues. The mud-restling definitely would have been a lot more laundry-related.

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