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Karma's a Bitch

KOTU van, on the way to the final edit. Everyone's still being mean to Clint. They're saying that it's all his idea, so he can do the edit himself too. But then Herschel has an idea to put pop-ups over people's head to add what they're thinking. Joan thinks it's great, because it would take away all the seriousness of it.

Athena's also editing their video. Melissa's taking notes. Jesse interviews about how great Melissa is as a project manager: She's sharp, and he has a lot of respect for her. Jesse thinks it's great that these women are laughing when they watch the video, since All's main demographic is women. He says that if you work together, and give it your all (for All), you can't lose. Cut to KOTU, where Clint's alone in the editing room saying he doesn't feel very good about what they have, and he was the project manager. The editing room door is locked, and Joan's pissed that they can't go in. Clint explains that they couldn't have brought anything to the editing process. He's hoping they took that as a nice gesture. Joan would like to put captions saying they don't endorse what's coming.

Athena's video has a lot of bad words, which they're not going to bleep, because it's not on TV. Brande says if they lose it's because All's looking for something more wholesome. She's leaving it up to Melissa, Annie and Jesse, though, because she doesn't know about this kind of thing. They finish it up and have to come up with a title: "Jesse James: Dirty With Midgets." Melissa says if they lose, she will just ask who wants to come to the boardroom with her, and she will take the bullet because there's not one person who didn't do their job.

At KOTU, Clint finally calls his team in to watch the video from the top. He asks them to hold their comments until it's over, and then he'll ask for their input. While it's on, Khloe interviews that she's the age and gender that All's looking for and she doesn't get it. After it's over, Herschel tells Clint he needs to put captions on it. Then he interviews that everyone thinks their baby's the prettiest, no matter how ugly it is. He sees so much that could be done with it. Joan tells Clint the video is very slick, but she has no idea what it's telling her and agrees they need to make it funny. Khloe thinks it's cheesy. Herschel asks if Clint wants to make it better, but Clint thinks that's a mistake. Joan asks if they can add the captions and then Clint can decide, but he thinks that's a waste of time. Joan says everything they suggest, he says no, so they're wasting their time. They get into a fight because he will not listen to anything she says. He interviews that he's been the driving force on this task, and if they lose, he'll take Joan into the boardroom, because he feels they could have been a great team without her. She tells him that she thinks he's bright and smart, but she hopes to never see him again when this is over.

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