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Girl Fight!

Trump asks Amanda to bring them back in, so she calls the room, and they all think "Uh-oh," but Joan can't wait to get in to find out what's up now. Trump asks them all to sit down. He congratulates them on making it to the final eight. He says they've been through a lot, worked hard, and they're all smart and tough. He says he called them back in because their next task starts right now. Everyone looks tired and surprised. Because I think they usually go home for the week, right? I don't know. This celebrity version confuses me a little. And not just because these people often make no sense. Joan says she's never worked so hard in her life.

Trump tells them there's nothing so difficult as raising money in this economy, but that's what they're going to do: have a fashion show fundraiser auction. He says Ivanka is a very special person, who has designed a jewelry line that's doing very well. They'll be auctioning her jewelry. They will choose models and everything else, and one member of each team will be the auctioneer. Annie's going to be project manager. KOTU is going to have Herschel do it, but Trump recommends Joan. Annie tells Joan she's going to crush her, but Joan interviews that she'll kill to win because Annie's two-faced. She bluffs and lies, just like in poker. Trump says he'll be in the audience to see how they do.

Annie has Athena seated up in the suite. She tells Jesse they need cool brochures. She wants Melissa to pick the jewelry. Melissa tells us that her mom runs a successful jewelry company, and she works for it, so this is perfect for her. She'd like to choose clothes, too, but Annie snottily says that Brande's going to be the head of that, because she knows the most about beautiful women. Melissa says this is her forte, but whatever. Brande says she'll call the modeling agency. She says they're going to win this thing, because this task is right up her alley. She gets on the phone, and they get the pick of ten models, who are coming over now. Brande's on the phone, getting evening gowns. Annie's so happy with Brande. Melissa's seething, because Annie hated Brande last task and now is telling her how great she is. Brande and Annie sweet-talk to each other, and Melissa feels stabbed in the back at this change of events.

At KOTU, Joan's giving everyone chores: Natalie gets to go choose the jewelry. She's going to find the nicest, cheapest stuff. Joan explains that she wanted Natalie to feel part of the team, so she had her do it, especially since she's straight, which is very unusual for a golfer. Um, Joan, I don't think that's at all true. Joan has Clint be the auctioneer, and he says he's done auctions before. Joan interviews that Annie is a manipulator who would spit on the ground and drown her mother in it if it would get her a step ahead. Joan's asking everyone how much money they can bring in. Natalie thinks 20 to 25 grand. Clint thinks 25 to 30. Herschel knows he has 40. That's $105,000. Natalie says it's hard going up against Annie, who is the strongest fundraiser. Joan says Annie's been telling them all about her unlimited funds, so she got her people on it immediately.

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