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Girl Fight!

At Athena, Annie's calling everyone to come and bid. She asks one guy for $25,000, and then says she might ask him for more, too. Melissa says Annie's almost a bully about asking people for money, because people in the poker world must be afraid of her or something. Annie says that she always raises the most money, but she knows someone like Herschel can probably get a lot of money. She tells her team that if the other team has some crazy fund-raiser up their sleeve and they lose, she's going to bring people into the boardroom based on how much money they raised, because she feels that's fair. Jesse asks if she's planning on losing. She says no, they're going to win, so he says, "Just making sure." Jesse interviews that he doesn't want to sandbag, but he doesn't want to waste his bullets. He'd rather use it when it counts more, or when it will go his charity.

Joan, Clint and Herschel head to their war room, as Natalie's off choosing jewelry. Herschel wonders how much money Annie will raise, and Joan says she can call two poker players and get $140,000. Clint's hoping they've all just lost a bunch of money and have no cash. Joan says Annie has them all in her pocket. To compete with that, Clint thinks they should bring in the $20,000 he brings in and the $60,000 Herschel brings and pool it to buy one inexpensive piece of jewelry to make more profit. That's a good strategy. Clint can be annoying, but he is smart. They don't have to buy the piece unless they sell it, so they just want the cheapest pieces of jewelry.

Natalie and Melissa are choosing jewelry. Natalie's choosing classy, simple pieces that appeal to a lot of people. Melissa's choosing shiny, flashy things that will look expensive and look good from the stage. Natalie says that Melissa's chunky, trendy pieces were different than she expected. Melissa says she liked the jewelry Natalie chose, saying it's what she would have chosen for herself, but not stuff that will pop at an auction. As Melissa's heading back to her team, she says she doesn't know how she feels about most people on her team. When she's back, she tells Annie she outsmarted Natalie on the jewelry picks. Melissa wanted to show the team her jewelry, but they didn't care. Everyone's looking at Natalie's jewelry, and Joan's not happy with it, because it's all small. Natalie says that Melissa picked flashy, chunky things, and Joan says, "She's right." She says they don't have a "Wow" piece. Natalie explains she was trying to get pieces anyone could wear.

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