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Girl Fight!

Brande and Melissa are shopping with the models, so they can choose exactly what everyone needs to wear. Brande ends up just shopping for herself, even though they only have one hour to shop. So Melissa takes over shopping for the other girls. Brande does have the red dress on that Joan didn't want the other team to have. Brande continues shopping for herself, saying she wants to wear all of them. Melissa fits the clothes and jewelry together on all of the other ladies. Annie calls Brande and asks how it went, and Brande says it was great; they got great dresses. Melissa interviews about how annoyed she is. She even dry-heaves a little. She's really pissed at how two-faced Annie is (and she should also be pissed that Brande didn't give her credit).

Jesse and Annie are at the printer making an auction preview catalog. Jesse says he grew up in the auction business, so he knows he can help in other ways than getting his friends to donate right now.

Natalie's trying to call the World Series of Poker money leader and see if they'll fly and give money. She asks for 25 or 30 grand. She wants to get the money, but she also wants to see how surprised Annie is if this poker guy shows up to give money to the other side.

Trump is somewhere in Trump Tower, where he asks Amanda to send someone in. He walks in, but we don't see his face. Trump thanks him for coming, and asks him to keep an eye on things for him. He explains the auction of Ivanka's jewelry, and that Annie and Joan are project managers who hate each other. He also says Melissa is bratty, and Jesse hasn't raised any money. It's Piers, who tells us there's only one celebrity apprentice, and that's him. He's back. And that's the end. Like that was exciting enough to end the episode with. Whatever. I guess we'll see the auction next week.

Next week: Annie and Joan fight. Joan and Melissa fight. Someone compares Annie to Hitler. Piers says this makes him and Omarosa look like a tea party. Hee.

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