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Athena meets with the executives right away, as Annie explains what we all learned last week: Don't come up with a concept until you've met with the executives. Annie asks them three words to describe LifeLock. They say "protection, confidence, and security." Melissa asks if they want people to come in and purchase it on-site. "Absolutely." Annie asks if they want to have a positive message, or have it be more fear-based. Todd interviews that Athena was well-prepared, and that Annie seemed to be the one driving the questions, while Brian was sort of disengaged. Basically, the executives tell them it's up to them.

The executives meet with KOTU next. They tell them that they are part of the target demographic, as famous people tend to have incidents. Joan jokes that she's the only person in the world who doesn't want to worry about it, because no one would want to be her. Everyone laughs, so she asks if they'd want that kind of humor. The executives like it, and want people to walk away feeling good, safe, and secure. Clint asks if they all get free memberships after working so hard. The executives say of course. Joan interviews Clint's stubborn and selfish, so it's going to be a difficult day for her.

After a commercial, we're still with KOTU. Joan is still thinking humor is the way to go. Clint says the graphic that keeps popping into his mind is the safe, and Herschel says, "Right." Ivanka comes in, and says she'll hang out for a little bit. Joan pitches an idea of a great big bodyguard, saying you can't afford him, but you can afford LifeLock. Which is pretty good, but Natalie likes the safe, and asks if everyone agrees they want a safe in their display. Everyone seems to, other than Joan. Ivanka tells us that Natalie's greatest challenge will be to keep the peace. Natalie wants to come up with a tag line, and Clint says, "Are you safe?" They all like it, but Joan interviews she thinks a big, gray vault is dreary and she wanted to make it funny. She says she didn't push it, though, because she was trying to be a good team player. Natalie breaks up the team, putting Joan in charge of packages and Herschel and Clint in charge of the display.

Athena has decided to stay with Todd Davis as the face of LifeLock. Apparently he always has been, and they're going to stick with what's been working (at least they learned something from the All incident). Brian explains that he assigned the display design to Jesse, who comes up with an idea about hanging your CDs with all of your information in this little thing. I have no idea what he's saying, but everyone thinks it's brilliant. He tells us that he might look like a shithead but he does a lot of business at mass retail, so he knows how this stuff works. He thinks they should have minimal packaging. The graphic designer shows up, and everyone talks except Brande. She tells us she decided to sit back and let the more aggressive people say and do what they want to do. She spins it that she's "playing it smart by listening." She says she's just going to do exactly what she's told. She goes with Jesse to photograph a lock for their design. Melissa suggests "Peace of mind. Guaranteed." as Athena's tagline. She says, "I like punctuation in slogans. Period. Where's the beef? Question mark." Okay, as long as she's using that punctuation correctly, I might be starting to like Melissa. Annie says they're doing really well on time, with Jesse and Brande out running errands and her working on the verbiage. They decide on "Identity secured. Peace of mind guaranteed."

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