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Girl Fight!

The executives sit down in front of KOTU's safe, and Natalie walks in and says she's Joan Rivers. Clint walks in and says he's actually Joan Rivers. Herschel does the same. Then Joan walks in and says, no, that would be her, and thanks to LifeLock, she's going to be the only one. Joan talks about their display and packages. Todd compliments on the presentation, and KOTU leaves.

The executives arrive in Athena's presentation room, and we see the plain white board now has lots of stuff on it: picture of CEO Todd, and a bunch of red things that we can't read. Brian talks about it, and he is enthusiastic, but it's still really not good. It's just red and black type on paper, with a picture. Bo-Ring. And, by the end, Brian's just reading off his cards. Todd thanks them for their "Nice work." Brande interviews that Brian did a great job, and that she could see on the executives' faces that they were "in awe." Okay, I did not see that at all. Anyway, she's feeling good about it, which is even further evidence that she knows nothing and did nothing, because I think everyone else at least realizes they blew it. Commercials include Carolyn shilling for LifeLock. Is that weird? Since Trump fired her.

The celebrities enter the boardroom, where George and Ivanka sit. Enter Trump. He asks Natalie if she thinks she won. She says she doesn't know, so he asks if she didn't like the job her team did. She thinks her team was incredible, actually. He asks who was incredible, and she says everybody, despite the issues. He asks why she's not sure they won, then, and she says she doesn't want to jinx her team. George laughs! He laughs! Natalie says that Clint and Joan worked together and got along great, so Trump asks Joan what she thinks. She says Clint's stubborn as hell, but terrific. She says she'd go see him in concert now, but only if he gave her the tickets. Clint says he got along great with Joan. Trump asks what Clint thought of Natalie as project manager, and he compliments her. Joan ranks her a high 7 or 8 out of 10. Natalie's happy, but Trump points out 7 or 8 isn't the best. She's happy, though.

Trump asks Brian about his team, and Brian says they did a good job -- that everyone did what they were supposed to do. Trump asks Brande, who thinks that's true. She says she and Jesse were kind of off on their own, though. Trump asks Melissa who was the weak member of the team, and she repeats they were separated, and says Jesse was very sick. They all commend him for being there, despite being sick. He tells Trump he got a stomach virus from his daughter, but he's feeling better.

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