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Trump asks Ivanka to tell us how KOTU did. The executives thought their idea was very original, with great use of celebrity. They didn't like that the display units didn't house the packaging -- that they'd have to call a number to get the packaging. Trump points out that's a huge negative. Trump wants to see the project, which Ivanka pulls out, saying it's incredibly well-fabricated. It's a little safe that you open up to reveal all of the stuff about LifeLock. Athena thinks it's good, too.

George tells us what the executives thought of Athena: They loved the presentation, and that the display nailed brand messaging. But they felt that what the team did was a spin on what they already do. There wasn't much creativity. They did love that the product was for sale on the display, though. Trump asks Brian who he thinks won. Brian doesn't know. Trump says it wasn't Brian. It was KOTU. He congratulates Natalie for winning $20,000 for her charity: Boys & Girls Club. Another LifeLock commercial, which has CEO Todd showing his Social Security number, which is what Athena had. So, they didn't win, but they did have their idea stolen. At least there's that. (Or had LifeLock already done that? If so, they were really not creative.)

KOTU heads up to watch the boardroom on the screen. Joan's sure Melissa isn't going home. Annie told Joan how bad Brande had been, so Joan's confident and happy, so she happily drinks champagne with KOTU. Joan tells everyone that Brande's going home. In the boardroom, Brian explains that they thought sticking with Todd as the guy was the way to go after meeting with Todd. They felt like he loved being the guy. Trump asks if KOTU had a celebrity advantage with Joan and Clint. Brian says no, and Jesse agrees that it wasn't an advantage, but better packaging. Trump says they loved the celebrity use, but really the packaging. Trump asks George who was the reason for the defeat, and George says he won't pin anyone down, but he knew they'd have a problem time-wise. Trump asks Annie if the project manager is to blame for that. She says she kept bringing up the time issues, and Brian kept saying, "It's okay. We're fine." Brian says that's true, but he felt there were other issues. George says Brian was a laid-back project manager, which Trump says is how Brian is. Annie says the time management is all she didn't like about Brian, so Trump asks who was the weakest member of the team.

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