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Girl Fight!

In the viewing room, Joan prepares everyone for Annie to say, "Brande," but after a very long, "Um," Annie says, "Brian, because his time management skills were poor." Joan says Annie's a troublemaker, because she told Joan she was taking Brande out. She says Annie's a snake. Back in the boardroom, Trump asks Melissa whose fault it is that they lost. Melissa feels like it falls on a number of different shoulders. But not hers, because she backed up Annie and helped Brian with the presentation. George says that's losing focus, since they weren't being judged on the presentation. He says if she had spent more time on messaging and originality, they might have done something better. Melissa says she couldn't help Annie until she had something to edit, so she turned to research. George continues that the focus wasn't research. Back in the viewing room, Joan says, "Oh, stop it, George." George and Melissa continue to bicker. Joan says they're out to get Melissa, and Annie's saying nothing. Joan says she's leaving tomorrow, too, then, because this is so unfair.

Trump asks Brande who he should fire. She says she saw everyone do the job they were supposed to do, so it falls on the project manager. Trump asks Jesse who he would fire, and Jesse says Brian. Trump asks Melissa who she would fire, and Melissa says it's hard for her to say, but she would fire Brande. She says Brande gives 100 percent when given a task, but with the dwindling numbers, people need to work with more forethought, and with Brande there's no thinking ahead. Trump asks Brande to respond, and she acts indignant (as if she didn't tell the camera yesterday that she was sort of going to do nothing, except when told) and says she gives 190 percent. Note to Brande: Not. Possible. (Those periods are for you, Melissa.) Brande says when she's told to do something, she does it with "zest." Melissa agrees. Brande says she worked on the display case, which was what the executives liked.

Trump asks Annie how she feels about Brande. She says she's a hard worker, and she loves her, but she doesn't stick her neck out. She makes a poker metaphor about playing to last versus playing to win. Ivanka asks Annie if she herself isn't playing to last, since she's the dominant personality, but hasn't stepped up to be project manager. Trump tells Brian that his ass is on the line, yet he's really laid-back. Brian says he can't figure out whose fault their idea is, which he thinks is why they lost. He says they took a different approach, and if that's his fault, then maybe it is. Trump asks him to pick two people, and he chooses Brande and Melissa. Back in the viewing room, Joan says they're going after Melissa. She throws and spills her drink and says, "This girl is such a conniver." I have to assume she means Annie. Herschel interviews that none of them knew Annie had been talking to Joan about what was going on with the other team. Joan's angry and say she's out of there. Herschel says they learned that mother hen's going to protect her chick. Joan grabs her bags and goes to sit outside.

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