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Girl Fight!

As they leave the boardroom, Annie tells Brande how much she loves her, and that she doesn't think she'll get fired anyway. Joan's still carrying her bags, but tells everyone she's not going anywhere, but she cannot understand Annie not standing up and saying what she had told her about how much Annie despises Brande. Joan's saying Annie's disgusting, and she's going to sit outside, because she can't sit in the room with Annie, as Annie hugs Melissa, saying, "I love you, I love you, I love you." Joan opens the door and we see Annie and Jesse. Commercial.

Joan repeats her tantrum after the commercial, calling Annie "disgusting" and a "snake." She walks outside, and Jesse asks if she's okay. Annie says, "I understand," but Joan tells her she actually doesn't, because she should have spoken up after telling her privately how bad Brande is. Annie says she said it, but Joan says she didn't, that it was very wishy-washy. Annie interviews that Joan's overly protective of Melissa. Then she tells Joan that Melissa's totally safe, but Joan thinks Trump loves Brande. She says if Melissa goes and Brande stays, Joan's going with her, and she doesn't care "what it blows or how it blows." Okay, then.

Trump calls the fated three back to the boardroom. He asks Brian if he's surprised they lost. Brian isn't with the time constraints. He says it's not any fault of theirs, other than the concept. Melissa says that Annie tried to take over everything, and Trump asks if she's surprised Brian brought her back. She is. Trump asks why he brought Melissa, and he says he didn't think she did a bad job, but Trump told her to bring two. Trump asks who should be fired, and Brian says he can't fire anybody. He says he's not like Trump. Trump says yeah, Brian's nicer than him. He says it's okay not to like the idea of firing people. Thank you for that, Trump.

Trump asks what Brande thinks, and she says she doesn't think Brian wants to be here anymore. Trump asks if that's true, and Brian says it's tough to be here. Trump says it's tough for everyone. He says it's tough for Joan, who's older than everyone. George says not him, and Trump says that's probably true. Trump says that Brian came back from his concert and seems to have lost his desire to win. Brian says there are just so many other things going on with him right now. Trump asks if he's had enough. Brian says in some ways he has; it can be difficult. Trump says that's interesting, because he is project manager and has lost his drive. Trump respects him and thinks he's great, but he's fired. With 45 minutes left in the episode. Really? That must be the thing Trump's going to do that will shock everyone that was previewed last week. Or maybe just lots of cat fighting in the suite. On the way out, Melissa tells Brian she loves him. He says, "Bye, now." Brian's interviewing post-firing saying he didn't love the boardroom, but he thinks Trump fired the right person, because he was the leader. Melissa and Brande come back, and Joan's relieved. Annie tells Joan she told her. But Joan interviews that Annie left Melissa out to dry, because she's a two-faced manipulator.

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