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Tenacity. Donald Jr. shows up to check in, and Holly says it's "creative begging." He's not impressed that she's been so hands-off with the workout if they lose the task because of the $24,000. She complains about Cyndi being gone again, and Donald Jr. says she better be getting Lady Gaga, but Holly says she's probably not going to sell it properly. Any opportunity to talk shit about Cyndi, Holly's on that.

RockSolid. Bret's heading to the printers for their graphics, while Sharon's with Ozzy at WWE, and Maria's finalizing the workout. Bret reads their fliers, which say, "Because it's fun you ll work your muscle & mind." He jokes with the guy, about the "you ll" and "muscle" instead of muscles, but takes the blame, because he mistyped it. But, still, shouldn't the graphics people notice that and at least ask? Bret says spelling and grammar may not be his strong points, but he's going to work on that. I love that he actually wants to improve it. He takes the typo-filled fliers and heads off.

Tenacity. Holly has about seven big donors, and Curtis is calling and getting people to donate too. He gets at least one $20,000 donation. Summer feels like a loser, because if they lose the task, she'll be the weak link. She has a list of five people, and asks for $20,000. She gets 5 grand instead and Holly tells us Summer's not good at fundraising. Curtis and Summer leave to go get T-shirts made and other graphics stuff and then to come up with their workout.

RockSolid. Bret's back at the gym putting up their lame graphics to get bodies in since they have the sponsors. He finds Maria planning the workout. He tells her it's hot. She says she's going to throw a fit if the other team gets the $24,000 because no one could have come up with a better concept. Unless, you know, 24 Hour Fitness doesn't want it to be all about sex. Bret watches Maria do her workout, and he's really enjoying it. He tells us how great the hotness has been today. Bret takes his shirt off, and Maria compliments how hot he is, so he does his workout, which he says he's taking "to the gun show."

Tenacity. Summer and Curtis are dropping off their T-shirts at the printer and want to get back to the gym. They also still need to make their CD, so they call Holly and ask her to do it or they won't have any music. Because she's delegated so much to them, they don't have time to do it. But Summer has the CD with her, so they have to go back to Holly and give it to her. Curtis starts to get annoyed and stressed because there's no time and now they're set back again. Holly keeps on making phone calls, and I'm not clear on why she couldn't go get the CD while she makes calls, but whatever, she's Holly. She's the boss. She says there's no illusion that she can beat Sharon, whom she thinks is calling Elton John and the Queen of England. She knows she's out of here if she doesn't win. A couple people tell her no.

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