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RockSolid's class is packed with people, and Maria's actually a good trainer, full of energy and on point about going to a rock concert. The 24 Hour Fitness representative comes in and seems to like it, actually. She even laughs at the lead-singer grind. During the tour bus thrust, some girl gets up and stands over Bret. He says it was "not horrible." But the 24 Hour lady seems to disagree. Tenacity's money is rolling in, but they're having a hard time matching the money up to bodies in the room. The second class is more full, and Curtis says that's because Cyndi filled that room. Summer walks around the class during the guns portion, connecting one-on-one with people, and Curtis does that while Summer leads buns. The 24 Hour lady likes Tenacity's balanced workout, and thinks they hit everything they needed to, including getting to know people's names.

RockSolid is more like a rock concert than a workout, with everyone doing air guitar. The 24 Hour lady thinks their class is fun, and that the theme was great. She says there were some times there was a move or two that they wouldn't want to use with groups of people. Cut to Bret thrusting his pelvis. Commercials. Which gives me an opportunity to say this little prayer: "Dear God, I don't ask for a lot, but please let Bret Michaels be okay. He's too funny and crazy to take away from the world. We need him. As does this show. Amen."

Tenacity. Holly's desperately begging people for money, telling them that she probably won't win without their money. She is waiting for a big $50,000 fax to come through. She says she raises money all the time, but never this much this fast. She is worried that Sharon's called Sting and Bruce Springsteen and gotten $100,000. RockSolid's checking on her own donations. She calls Simon Cowell's office. She says she's trying to ask as nicely as possible, "Where's the fucking money?!" Tenacity. Holly's still waiting for her $50,000 from Ron Burkle. Time's almost up as she waits for the fax. It finally comes about two minutes before their deadline. Then she finds someone to represent the donation in the class. RockSolid. Sharon's finding people to represent their donations. She says she's probably never been more anxious about anything. Sharon tells one person that she's representing a $25,000 donation, and the girl gets all excited. Sharon says that people are really good, when they come through with that kind of money. The final class ends and everyone cheers. At Tenacity, Holly breaks down crying and tells everyone how much she appreciates them no matter what happens. She says they really gave their all for this task. She's even saying nice things about Cyndi, so maybe this is a new Holly. Curtis hugs them and says he's happy to be a girl for a day. Commercials. I cannot believe that someone came up with the concept of KFC for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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