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Finally, it's boardroom time. Ivanka and Donald Jr. are waiting when the teams enter. Then enters Trump. He first asks Sharon how she's feeling. She says she's so much better. He asks how her team did, and she absolutely thinks they won. She says Bret was amazing, and Maria was stunning. She absolutely wouldn't have preferred anyone from the other team. She says she's in heaven with her team. Trump asks if she's happy to be away from the other team, and she says she is, because this team is sillier. Holly's not happy to be rid of Sharon, but having Curtis brought fresh energy to the team. Trump asks if Holly thinks she won, and she says she has a feeling she didn't, because Sharon knows so many people, plus she has to ask people for money all the time. Donald Jr. says she has an advantage, though, because the people she's calling are known to be philanthropic or she wouldn't still have them in her rolodex. She agrees they are all philanthropic, but they also have budgets. Trump asks how much Holly raises for her charity every year, and she says about half a million. He asks who she is least satisfied with on her team, and she starts crying and tells him how inspired she is by these people. He asks if she really loves these people. "At this moment, yes." Donald Jr. brings up her concerns about Cyndi when she was away, and how that went, and she says Cyndi made her a believer.

When Holly says her biggest donation was $50,000, Sharon looks a little nervous, and tells Holly she didn't lose with that big of a donation. Trump says the $24,000 will play a part, and asks Holly if she thinks she won. She says her crew looked like they were ready to make a workout video, but that the executive came during the first class, so she isn't sure what they're going to say. Ivanka tells them about RockSolid's concept, and they give them the backstage pass with their workout moves on it. Trump wonders what "praying to the porcelain god" is, and Sharon explains the porcelain god is the toilet. Trump: "Oh, is that what that is?" At this point, Donald Jr. is literally stifling laughter. Once they explain it, Trump says, "That's very interesting. I've seen plenty of that, actually." Trump asks what Bret think of Tenacity's materials, and he says it seems kind of boring. Both teams think the other team won the $24,000. Which is a perfect time for a dramatic commercial break.

When we're back, we get a repeat of what we just saw, because so many people turn on a show during commercial breaks. Anyway, the $24,000 winner is RockSolid. They thought it was extraordinary, original, dynamic and amazing. They're probably going to use it at 24 Hour Fitness. Maria gets all excited that she might be on a video. I'm so confused about if she thinks she's doing all this time. Trump asks how Holly feels about this, if this puts them over the top, and Holly thinks it might. Trump asks Summer if she was responsible for Tenacity's workout class. She says she was partially responsible, but she shouldn't be fired. Trump asks Curtis what he did, and he says he had a big part in the concept, too, but he also doesn't think he should be fired. Donald Jr. tells Curtis that being responsible for the workout is a bad thing, and might mean they're fired. Curtis doesn't think they did lose.

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