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Trump asks how Ivanka did. She says they did a terrific job, with spirit and a great theme. He asks Don about Tenacity. He says they got along great, but it was all work, much more of a business environment, which is probably why they lost on some of the fun of RockSolid. He says it's more what he's used to from a business standpoint, but he'd rather have fun with RockSolid. Ivanka says RockSolid raised $131,803, including the $24,000. Tenacity raised $206,090. Sharon curses, in shock, I think. Trump tells Holly she won. Trump says with the $10,000 from the free-throw contest, her team has $347,893. Trump says it's the largest they've ever raised for one task outside of the finales. She tells them about her charity, which raises money for families affected by autism. They're going to earmark this money to raise a facility for autism treatment. She says her oldest son has autism. Before they leave, Trump asks Cyndi who he should fire on RockSolid. She doesn't want to say, so he asks why not Maria. She says, "Because I feel bad. She's happy now." Trump: "Badly. You feel badly." That's right, folks. He just incorrectly corrected her grammar, and then she's like, "Badly." What a condescending dick. Cyndi says she does like Maria. He asks Curtis who he'd fire, and he says it's hard to know. Curtis would definitely not fire Bret, who's been very loyal, which is an important factor when you work in teams. Curtis says Maria hasn't always been loyal to her teammates, but maybe Sharon, who's project manager.

Trump asks Sharon if she wants to go home, and she says no. Holly says, "But you said you did the other night." Sharon asks if she's answering for her, and then asks if she was a tittle-tattle at school. Sharon says that was the other night. Holly says it's okay for her to say that if she heard it. Whatever. Shut up. I hate Holly again. Even more maybe now that she's the arrogant winner. Trump asks if it was inappropriate for Holly to bring that up. Sharon says she's a fighter, but she's tittle-tattling. Sharon says she did want to go home when she was so sick. He asks Holly if she can understand that, and she says she can, but she's never felt like that. He says she hasn't been sick. He asks Holly who he should fire, and she asks who raised the least money. Trump says Bret by far raised the least money, but Bret has no excuses. Sharon says it was her job to raise money, not Bret's, and Trump wonders why. Ivanka asks Sharon which of these two she'd rather keep as a partner, and she says she was the PM and failed, so she should go. Maria can't choose either. She thought they did really well. Trump agrees they did really well; they won, in fact, in terms of originality, just not in terms of money. The only problem he has is that Sharon's team raised $103,000 for Holly, and Holly raised more than $250,000. He says he hates to do this, Sharon... She tells him it's fine, honestly, and he asks if she's sure, then says, "Okay, because I'm not going to fire anyone." He's impressed by the $347,000, and can't fire anyone. Sharon and Holly are both happy, and Holly says she's cutting a check immediately to Sharon's charity, since she raised so much money. As they leave, Trump says, "See? I have a heart." Then he tells Ivanka he thinks that was a nice ending. Ivanka: "It was." Donald Jr. agrees, too, and Trump feels good about it. Holly cries some more as she says she was so sure she lost, and that the amount is incredible. Cyndi and Holly walk arm in arm back to the suite, and Cyndi tells her she's glad her charity won. Holly thanks her. Now that Holly's won, will we get a new, softer version?

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