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Jesse's Girl

It is not a good sign when Bud Light Lime is looking good to me. Annie tries to let Joan talk, then defends her poker-playing and notes that the personal attacks are sad. Joan says that Annie is only nice when she gets to the boardroom. Donald says indeed Annie does seem nice and was downright charming at the auction. Joan says that Hitler was also a nice guy. He's probably also offended at having HIS name used for comparison on this show. Piers says that Joan's comments make the bickering last season between him and Omarosa seem downright tame. Annie says she can't be that horrible if people decided to get on a plane to donate money. Herschel says that everyone he called gave cash, too. Annie insists she was only digging at Joan, not Herschel. Joan then brings up Annie's phone tirade to the guy who sold her out to help Natalie. Natalie says that she reached out to Phil Hellmuth, who Annie says is awesome in No Limit, Hold 'Em... all those years of watching World Series of Poker late at night have paid off and I actually know what she's talking about. Natalie claims she has no idea how Annie found out. Annie says that Phil called her. Piers doesn't understand why they'd tell a story that was self-defeating, since Annie won when she put a stop to it. Joan says that Annie screamed at someone and that was mean. Donald doesn't think that Annie looks like a screamer, and Melissa basically rolls her eyes. Donald again is confused at why Melissa is selling out her teammate to help her mother. Melissa says that she's not defending her mother per se, she's just being honest (she calls herself the "fact police," which is idiotic), and Annie did make a very angry phone call. Piers doesn't understand why she's sucking up to her mother. Joan tries to defend Melissa, but Melissa says she can take care of herself... interesting. Donald wants to know if Melissa thinks Annie is a bad person, after about ten minutes she says no, but that she is different from the calm person she presents in the boardroom. Ivanka asks Jesse a question about Joan and Melissa being on opposing teams, and he says this entire thing was like going to a bad family reunion.

Results. KOTU raised $92,000 profit, mostly through one piece. Athena raised $153,000 dollars, in profit. There's a little banter between Piers and Jesse when Piers forgets which country he's in. The Donald says that $245,000 is a record for this show, and it goes to Annie's charity. He throws out some other stupid stat about this being the best season of the show moneywise, or whatever. Blah. Blah. Blah.

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