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Once dismissed, Athena heads out to the viewing room and Annie wants to know why Melissa can't call her mother off. Melissa says she tried to end it. Joan's a 76-year-old woman, and Melissa can't control her. Annie hopes that Joan gets fired.

Team KOTU has to pick their weak player. Clint says there's no one... Donald says that whoever picked the jewelry should be fired. Donald thinks Joan should have done it, since she knows jewelry, and her own daughter was well-trained. Joan starts crying when she has to figure out who should go home. Joan randomly goes on a tangent about how Herschel should marry Melissa. He could do better. Donald says Herschel raised the most cash. Joan was really funny and knew when to jump in. Clint sucked, but he wasn't the root of the problem. Natalie picked the jewelry and didn't get her rich golf friends to donate. All her friends apparently said no. She gets fired. Which actually makes sense for a change. It would have thought instead he would have said that because it was sunny today and the color yellow drives him crazy that he decided to pick Clint because once he wore a yellow tie, or something ridiculous.

Upstairs Athena is still fighting so much about the Hitler remark that they totally miss Natalie getting fired. Joan is still weeping. Big old crocodile tears, methinks. Natalie gives everyone hugs and claims she was really proud of her team. Melissa runs to the door to diffuse her mother. She tells her not to fan the flames (or at least she tries to tell her that, but there's a bunch of mixed metaphors going on). Joan says she won't, but Melissa says she's about ready to quit, so just chill the eff out. Joan TH's that Annie's not worth the energy. They go into the room, and Joan's all weepy and says that it is sad to lose a member of their terrific losing team. Annie TH's that she's upset about the personal comments, and that she hopes Joan never speaks to her again. Melissa says that the cash is going to a good cause, Annie jokes that it is the Hitler fund. Too soon.

Annie gives her check to the guy who runs Refugees International. He's sweet, and nearly passes out when he sees the amount. Cute.

The teams convene at Casa de Trump at Trump Tower. He loves food and informs the poor people watching that the economy sucks, so we're forced to eat frozen foods. He says this while standing in a gold-plated dining room that is opulent and tacky and just a disgusting display of wealth. But hey, all you losers at home can sit and enjoy some freezer-burned peas off paper plates. Or Schwan's Live Smart food. Oh God, my friend Lauren and I had the worst plane ride of all time flying with a salesman for Schwan's on his way to their national convention. Ugh. I can't even think about their products without thinking of this man. Anyway, Ivanka and Joe Kernan from "Squawk Box" will be the second person. Jesse's finally up as PM. Herschel's taking the bullet for his team because Clint and Joan just can't get along.

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