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Jesse's Girl

KOTU meets with the execs who explain their gimmick. They want something that tastes good and is unique. Athena learns that the line is convenient and healthy. They start researching their regular menu to see what sells well -- spicy Italian meatballs. Annie's pushing turkey meatballs, with gluten-free pasta. Jesse suggests cooking up three of their ideas and going with whichever tastes best. Annie and Brande are tasked with cooking. Jesse keeps Melissa with him to do marketing... so there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen.

Herschel asks if anyone will volunteer to cook. Joan doesn't go near kitchens, and Clint's not a chef. Joan says this is the task from Hell, because Melissa's first words were "room service." They look at the popular healthy items, and decide to go that way and stick in the comfort zone. Clint doesn't think it will work, and suggests something with soy sauce. Herschel seems skeptical, but he's OK with it, since he's not a meat eater and is trusting Clint. Hold the freakin' phone. I could have sworn when I was researching these people at the beginning of the season that his bio said something about him selling frozen meat products... It does! I didn't make it up. How does he run this company without having a clue what might be good? He SELLS frozen products. This is a FROZEN product challenge. This should be a slam dunk. Er... a touchdown! Whatever, I'm so confused. Ivanka comes in and assesses that KOTU is desperate for a win and hoping that this will be their ticket, and seems skeptical that her father would ever try something like soy ginger chicken. KOTU tries to cook up some dessert ideas.

At Athena, Melissa and Jesse stare at computers and ignore each other. Jesse blanks. Oh no. He's one of the few people I actually like on this show. Crap. Joe comes in and wants to know who would eat gluten-free pasta. Lots of people, actually. They have a food specialist on hand to make sure they stick with their guidelines. Annie's very fast... because she has four kids. She starts bragging about her knife skills. Then she claims she's the total woman because, and I quote, "I can cook, I raise my children, I work hard and I give a good blow job." Classy. Her husband is a lucky man.

KOTU can't use the yogurt they bought, because they can't freeze it and then thaw it like they wanted. Herschel hurts my head with some logic about how it isn't really freezing or whatever. He does say he's in the food business. Clint apparently argues too much, but he's going to shut up and let Herschel hang himself.

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