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Jesse's Girl

Clint decides to help cook. Herschel says it's too salty, based on the sauce. Joan wants to add orange flavor to it to make it better. Over at Athena, Jesse and Melissa come in for taste test. The meatloaf is OK, but the chili is excellent. Then Jesse starts farting. The girls think the pasta and meatballs are more original. Jesse says he's succumbing to peer pressure, but at least no one is yelling today.

KOTU talks marketing. Clint wants one of their customer service reps at his bus, so they can do celebrity endorsement. Herschel says nothing. At Athena, Melissa is laying on the ground brainstorming turkey names for their food. Jesse says that he's got the presentation covered and the marketing part, but no one else knows what is going on. The girls feel left out, and he lets them go home while he pulls an all-nighter.

The next AM, Joan starts KOTU's presentation informing the execs that she is not a cook. Really? Hadn't heard that. She introduces their Orange Asian Chicken, with sweet potatoes and green beans. It looks alright, actually. Clint starts talking about their marketing campaign, which is basically Clint thinking he's the most famous star in the whole world and everyone will want to buy what he's selling. They then present their dessert, the fro-yo thing, which would come with the meal, but thankfully packaged separately. Joan thinks they could win because the food was edible. High standards she's got. The execs aren't thrilled with the dessert.

Jesse introduces their triple-play, gluten-free pasta with turkey meatballs and apple crisp for dessert. Randomly there is broccoli on the side and vegetables hidden in the pasta. Jesse explains why gluten free is so big now. Brande says she was worried about the presentation, but he did a good job, although the marketing was a little lacking. The execs think their food was good, but completely missed the marketing campaign.

Boardroom time... again. Does this episode ever end? Please? Herschel tells the Donald that Joan was fine and they kept her away from the kitchen, and Clint just is too loud and bossy. Clint only stepped up because it was a recipe that was his, but he didn't want to cook chicken in the first place. Herschel says Clint talked a lot, but he never mentioned not wanting to do chicken. Clint thinks that Herschel is a strong leader, but is annoyed that no one listened to him. He brings up the yogurt issue. Donald switches over to Jesse. Annie thinks that he did well on certain aspects, but that he didn't always listen to suggestions. Donald can't figure out why Sandra Bullock married Jesse, since he's so laid-back. He determines that Jesse must be great in bed. This is the first time I've seen Jesse grin ear to ear.

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