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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

Eric tells Trump that Summer was a decent leader, but the responsibility falls on her. Ivanka says Curtis doesn't have the respect of the people who remain. Trump calls them back in. He smiles at Summer and says it's not a good position. She says she wanted the $40,000 for her charity and hates losing. Trump asks Curtis why the other team dislikes him, and he says he's a bit surprised and doesn't know why. He says he hasn't had much to do with Maria, but he and Sharon get along quite well other than a colonial running joke between the English and the Aussies. A joke he thought was all in fun until now. Trump tells Curtis he's disappointed in him for not fighting back. Curtis says he speaks respectfully to women and didn't think it was appropriate to scream at them. Trump asks Summer who he should fire, and she can't answer the question. He says she's going to have to or she's going to get fired. Summer says Cyndi worked hard, so if he weren't to fire her the only person to fire would be Curtis. Trump asks who he should fire: Curtis or Summer. He says he's not going to fire Cyndi unless she says something really stupid, "which is possible." Cyndi and Ivanka laugh. Trump actually decides to send Cyndi away before she can put her foot in her mouth.

Trump asks Curtis what he thought of Summer as the project manager. He says he has respect for her and thought she made some good decisions, but she had to decide whether to be edgier or not. Curtis says, in the most impossibly diplomatic way, that he suggested being edgier (he basically doesn't phrase it like he suggested it, but says he just brought it up to "give Summer the option"). Trump asks if that's true, and Summer acknowledges it. Trump says Curtis was probably right, but Curtis says he completely understands the position Summer was in. Trump asks Curtis if Summer hasn't been a very, very strong player and it would be a shame to fire her at this point. Curtis says she has been a strong player: She's won one challenge, and now has lost one. Ivanka asks Summer if she's more likely to beat the other team, or is Curtis. She thinks she's more likely to win going forward, and has been strong in the past. Curtis says to fire her, since she's the project manager and, at the end of the day, the decisions were hers.

Eric says Curtis wasn't very loud about wanting to make the commercial edgier, and he was very quiet when Eric visited. Curtis says the way he works is to not derail the project manager's agenda. He says he voiced his opinion with Summer, and she chose not to listen to it. He says he's won a challenge and was instrumental in winning the first one. Trump tells Summer he has been a strong player. Summer agrees he has been a strong player. She shakes her head, and Trump asks if she's having a hard time. He asks who he should fire, and she says Curtis, because she tasked people to do things. She says it was difficult for Curtis to be involved because the jingles were set by Cyndi and the creative by Holly and it was difficult for Curtis to get the Australian accent out of his jingle. Trump says that's not his fault, and she agrees that nothing is his fault. She's just saying Curtis because she wants to compete. Ivanka tells Summer that's not a good reason, and she needs to fight for it and throw Curtis under the bus by reminding Trump that she'd never been in the boardroom before. She tries to repeat Ivanka's points, but Trump says it's a little late for that, and he fires her. Eric thought it was a tough decision, and Trump thinks she's a great person but she was the project manager. Ivanka agrees, especially since she wasn't able to defend herself.

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