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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

Tenacity is focused on storyboarding the creative. Cyndi's working on the Ben Franklin ad, Holly has a commercial, and Curtis has a commercial. Summer plans on making the final approval on each of them. Cyndi starts rambling about Thomas Jefferson having a conversation with Ben Franklin about going to Paris with a bathtub or something. Summer interrupts her and tells her she wants her to be creative, but also listen to everyone else. She says this is how Cyndi can avoid having Summer throw her und the bus. In other words? The bus-throwing was totally Cyndi's fault. Cyndi asks what her task was, then. And she tells us that she's tired of these women, who don't listen to her. Cyndi leaves the room and Holly tells Summer she'll be a bitch by the end of it. They tell Curtis how it works with Cyndi, and he's all "Yeah," but then interviews that Tenacity is different than RockSolid was. He calls Summer and Holly "disciplined" and "methodical," but then adds, "Come on, let's face it, they can be a little bit bitchy." That is totally Curtis's way of saying they're total bitches, but he's too nice to admit it without all the diplomacy.

RockSolid. There's a little debate about whether it's One Hour Heating & Air Condition or One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, because they have given them materials with it printed each way. They decide on One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, which is on more of their products (but the site's the other way, I might add) [Actually, their other site has it the way RockSolid went with. Clearly these people need a lesson in branding. -- Angel]. Sharon thinks it's a pain in the ass because it doesn't flow easily when you say it. They all work together to create this spot, which is how Bret wants it to work, but he admits in an interview it sort of slowed them down. Bret keeps coming up with jingles that are still a little too risqué in Sharon's book for those corporate suits. You've got to hand it to her: For being pretty crazy on her own, she knows her audience. They sing about not paying a dime if they're not on time.

Back at Tenacity, Curtis is singing his air conditioning jingle, too. It falls flat, and he tells Summer he's a little weak in the music department. Summer tells him that Holly and Cyndi can help him. He reads his words, and they are worried about it because he's Australian and doesn't know how to speak American. Holly and Summer think he's the weakest player, and they tell him they're going to change some of his words.

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