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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

RockSolid has moved on to their next spot: Benjamin Franklin. When Sharon says a woman calls and says her "pipes are blocked," Bret laughs. Bret really wants it to be a rap song or something, but Sharon's not liking it. He then starts to say something about "cracking" jokes at plumbers' expense, and Sharon and Maria both tell him they won't like it. But Bret thinks they'll love it. Maria says it's tough to decide what's too far, but Sharon says it's too far. Bret interviews that he's possessed some plumber's crack in his life and he knows how hurtful it is when people make fun of you, so he tries to never make fun of plumber's crack. "It's a serious matter." It's such a magical moment, because I honestly cannot tell if he's joking or dead serious. And, either way, it's hilarious. He tells the ladies he'll take the fall if they don't think this is funny.

Back at Tenacity, Cyndi's singing an awesome Ben Franklin jingle and Summer's like, "But can you make it faster?" But she says everything in the most condescending way. I would just start sabotaging that team if I were Cyndi. And I like to think that's what Curtis is doing: breaking up the bitches. Summer can tell that Cyndi's going to need help with the editorial part of her ad since she's focused on jingles, so she starts to write it. She's reading some boring stuff about a kids' birthday party, and it's forty seconds long. Cyndi thinks it's too much information, and Curtis thinks it's too rushed, but Summer wants to get in all of the information that the executives gave them. Curtis gets that you want to get lots of information in, but thinks you want it to sink in.

Back at RockSolid, Maria's singing about Mister Sparky, all, "You're afraid of the dark, I'll give you a spark." She was repeating every idea back with a tone, which is how she says she works. Bret stops her and says she needs to be more simplistic. He interviews that he feels like he's fallen into a bad musical. He doesn't want everything to be 1930s. So she keeps singing exactly he same way. Sharon interviews that Maria's waterproof. You tell her to shut up and she just keeps singing. Bret starts singing a faster song, and Maria takes the lyrics and sings it at her slow pace. Bret yells, but I don't think it was mean although the editors want us to think it was.

Tenacity's singing about Mister Sparky too. Curtis thinks their ads are really vanilla, and thinks they should be more daring. He suggests choosing a scenario that's more daring, or embarrassing. He suggests talking about a plumber going around and not just fixing the pipes. Holly suggests talking about how her husband always clogs the toilet. But they just don't think the executives will like any of this stuff. Cyndi chimes in that it's bland and not funny. Holly goes with straightforward, and Summer says that's how they're going to go. Cyndi says it's so boring on this team, and who wants to live like this. She says it's the Girls Wanna Have No Fun team, and then tells Curtis it's boring and he laughs and hugs her.

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