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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

After the commercials, we're back with Tenacity again. They have a group of singers and musicians. Cyndi's directing them to be cool without going into the "makes-me-nauseous" world. Summer says that now that they're in creative, Cyndi will play an important role, and it was great to watch her in her element. She grabs a guitar and starts singing out a jingle. She interviews that she was horrified to be writing jingles about air conditioning, but admits it's really catchy. Curtis interviews that he really likes Cyndi and thinks she brings this great creativity and passion. And he loves watching her boss around the musicians and vocalists.

RockSolid is doing this whole "Ben. Ben Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben. Benjamin Franklin, the Punctual Plumber" thing. Ivanka arrives, and Bret asks her if she wants to sing. She does not. He tells her about the their ideas, and she asks if he's singing. He's not, but he's doing the voiceovers. They tell her about the "crack" joke, and Ivanka tells them it's definitely a risk since the executives told them not to do that. Bret promises not to emphasize the word "crack."

Tenacity. Eric shows up to check them out, and he gets to see the singers and band at work. He asks what they're doing on the creative side, and if it's something memorable, so they sing their jingles. He interviews they were doing a great job and sounded good, but he isn't sure it would separate himself from any other commercial you'd hear. He thinks it sounds generic. But he tells them it's "very interesting."

RockSolid. Bret's hungry and asks Maria to steal him a slice of pizza. Curtis sees her and follows her in and yells at her for stealing pizza. Bret goes out and talks to him and comes back and tells the ladies how mad Curtis is. Sharon thinks Curtis thinks he's too hot. She says God bless him, but she's got nothing to say to him. They talk about how there will be something about a pastry and a frying pan in his team's ad. Tenacity. Cyndi's singing the jingles, but she keeps messing up and it's obviously driving Summer crazy. Cyndi ends up asking one of their singers to do it, because her voice was killing her. Summer is annoyed because she knows Trump's going to ask why they didn't use Cyndi.

RockSolid wants to make the air conditioning commercial memorable. They use what sounds like '70s porn music and mixed it with an infomercial about being hot and sticky. Bret can't think of a better way to sell air conditioning, but the women are concerned it's going to sound like patchwork. But Bret says that they're doing it live.

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