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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

Tenacity's presentation time. Summer's nervous because it's a live performance. Cyndi's still trying to tell Summer her voice has more character and she should do it. Ultimately, Summer says she decided it's Cyndi Lauper, and she's going to let her sing it. The editorial part is long and WAY too fast, but Cyndi singing the jingle is great. However, it's hard to even know what they're advertising. That's how bad their copy part was. I think it was One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Next up is Benjamin Franklin, which is also boring on the copy, and the song part isn't great either. Finally, Mister Sparky. It's a lot of copy again, and the executives seem to love it. They were all extremely generic, but I have a feeling the executives are going to choose these. Because they're boring. Summer's happy with the job they did. The executives discuss it, and they think it went a little too fast, but they realize thirty seconds is short. They liked their use of humor (which I must have missed). The executives head to talk to Trump, which all happens off-screen, which is fine by me. They never say anything anyway, other than to say they like both and then cut off right when they're about to say who they chose.

Boardroom. Trump first asks Eric if he's enjoyed this, and he claims he had a lot of fun. Trump asks Bret how he did, and Bret thinks they did very well, coming up with original ideas and getting it all done on time. Both Sharon and Maria thought Bret was a terrific project manager. Bret says he felt comfortable, since he likes being in the studio. He says they reeled him in a little bit, and they just spit out great ideas. Ivanka says it was an interesting dynamic to see Sharon reining in the rock star, which she's sure Sharon is used to, trying to make it a little more dry and on-point. Trump asks if it's true, and Sharon says Bret has a great imagination, but they don't always have the time.

Trump asks Summer what she thinks, and she loves her team and her team's end product because they listened to the executives and got back to them what they wanted. Trump asks who her weak link was, and she says she didn't have one, but she had Cyndi, who was her strong link. She also says Holly was amazing. Trump asks Curtis how they did, and he thinks they won. Trump asks if he thinks he did a good job, and he does. Silence. Then Cyndi pipes up that the executives were so straight and conservative. She tells the whole story about wondering what Ben Franklin, who's all about electricity, has to do with plumbing other than being in the tub with a lot of French women. Everyone's cracking up, even Ivanka. And Trump's even smiling a little. She says they wanted no funny stuff about the plumbers. Which is Trump's opportunity to segue back to RockSolid, who didn't pay attention to that advice. He asks why Bret used the plumber's crack joke. He says he didn't feel it was a joke, but Sharon and Maria told him not to do it so he'll own up to that one and be fired if they lose. Ivanka doesn't get that, since they explicitly asked them not to make jokes at the plumbers' expense. Bret says he wants something that stands out, and self-deprecation is a form of confidence.

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