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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

Trump plays RockSolid's Ben commercial. Then their Mister Sparky commercial, which they liked the most. Cyndi's giggling along with both of them. The executives felt they could really put the Mister Sparky commercial on the air. Trump asks if Summer thought their commercials were better, and she didn't. Curtis felt they were a little off-brand, and that one had a catchy jingle and the other didn't. Sharon makes a face so Trump asks her to respond to that. She says she never likes his comments. Maria disagrees with him too. Trump asks Eric about Tenacity, and he says the executives thought they packed in too much information and lacked originality, but they really liked hearing Cyndi sing. They play the Cyndi commercial, and everyone looks bored until Cyndi sings. Trump agrees with the executives that they had too many words. He plays the one the executives liked, which is the one about plumbing. Everyone still looks bored. Eric says the executives liked the music and the brand message. Sharon thought they were professional. Maria thinks theirs was more musical and Bret thinks theirs was more original.

Trump thought both teams did a great job (what a shock!). The executives thought that one team was okay at best, and the other team was fantastic. He asks Summer what she wants him to say, and she says she'd like him to say that they won, but he can't do that, because RockSolid won. Bret's so happy he hits the table. Trump says they're going to use the Mister Sparky ads all over the place, and that Bret's charity, the American Diabetes Association gets $40,000. Before he leaves, Trump asks Bret who he'd fire. He looks over and says it's tough, but he might fire Summer because she's tough. He says he'd like to get rid of her. Sharon thinks Curtis. Trump asks if she doesn't like Curtis, and she says, "Not a lot." Curtis just laughs while Sharon says he's too smug and "Put another shrimp on the barbie." Sharon thinks Australians are usually like that. Trump is surprised by this, as is Curtis, who says they've never even worked on the same team. Maria agrees with Sharon and doesn't know why, but she wants to punch Curtis. In grade school, we called that a crush, Maria. He says he hasn't gotten to work with her, but they obviously formed strong opinions about him. Trump says he doesn't seem like that to him. RockSolid leaves, and group hugs in the hallway. Trump tells Tenacity someone will be fired. I vote Summer, especially since Curtis and Cyndi really tried to get her to be less boring and use fewer words.

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