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Rivers = Crazy

KOTU's photographer, Alex, shows up. Jesse wants to go shoot the cityscape to put the New York skyline in the ad. A model shows up to pose with David in their "advertorial." That sort of tells you how text-heavy Clint's ad is if he's calling it advertorial. They're shooting ads with a stand-in before David shows up, so they can set it all up before David shows up. Clint feels like putting Jesse's ideas with more Right Guard is a "solid" idea. "Solid." Get it? Ivanka shows up to find out how they're doing. Joan tells Ivanka that Clint's listening a little better this time (12 or 18 percent better). They both tell Ivanka Jesse might be the type who sits back and lets his project manager hang himself, and then throws him under the bus. In a cab, Jesse confirms this by saying his team's going to lose; he has a feeling of doom. He says he's running around trying to shoot the city, but Clint's stinking it up. Jesse says it's all about talent now, and he's going to shoot the photos that will work with his idea, and will tell Clint it's that or his stupid idea.

Athena's at a night club shooting a backdrop of girls. Melissa's coming up with ideas while Brande models with some other club girls. Melissa starts to leave, and Brande goes to whisper with Annie about Melissa, who she calls "someone." She tells Annie Melissa thought they were trying to "coerce" against her. Brande: Get yourself a dictionary. Annie, to her credit, asks what, and then sort of corrects her with the word "conspire." She interviews that she doesn't have to conspire because Melissa sucks. Brande says she's the weak link. So, you know, they're totally proving Melissa right, because they are definitely conspiring against her. Brande says, "As a crazy person, you're not going to win." I really hope Melissa wins this game.

Jesse's back at KOTU with awesome New York City photos. Clint likes them, and incorporates it into the ad. Meaning, he puts the bridge, but then adds flames and a bunch of words. Joan and Jesse don't agree. Jesse says Clint sucks, and Joan doesn't want any friction, so he's going to do all the ganging up on Clint. He says Clint doesn't know what he's doing, and has no business doing it. As opposed to everyone else, who are all experts on this. Jesse's really angry, and hates this. Clint's asking Jesse stuff, and Jesse ignores him. Even Joan asks him to listen, and Jesse just says, "It's Clint's call." Clint thinks that Jesse can't expect him to take 100 percent of his ideas 100 percent of the time. Joan thinks Jesse is trying to throw Clint under the bus. She acknowledges Clint is "a one-man band" who would "give himself a hickey," but Jesse shouldn't try to sink him.

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