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Rivers = Crazy

Trump finally asks Melissa's opinion. She says she's worked her ass off, and has been in the middle of the pack as a fundraiser. She says she's always the one to step up and do whatever, whenever. Brande interrupts and says she has worked hard, too. Ivanka thinks it's amazing that Brande's fighting with Melissa and Annie gets to sit back and relax even though they lost and she did the presentation and came up with the concept. Trump passes Jim a note, and Jim agrees. They whisper back and forth. Trump asks Jim who he'd fire, and he asks if Joan knows. Melissa says not to worry about her mother's participation. He says, then, yes, he'd fire her. Joan shakes her head. She asks why, when she did everything she was asked. Trump says he thinks Jim is saying this because raising money is going to count. Melissa feels confident she's rallied her troops. She says she came to win, and feels she's been maligned by two women who have set her up. Trump thinks she's been amazing, but she's fired. Which is completely the wrong decision, since Brande did nothing and has done nothing a few times now. Trump has such a thing for pretty ladies that he can't use logic.

Ivanka and Jim agree with Trump, who says Joan's not going to be happy. As if to prove the point, in the suite, Joan wishes Jesse and Clint luck with the Nazi and the follower, since she's not coming in tomorrow. Jesse explains she doesn't want to be here without Melissa, because they support each other. Melissa goes in and calls Brande and Annie "whore pit vipers" to her mom. Annie and Brande whisper in the hall, and prepare to face Joan. Then Melissa runs out and tells the camera guy or someone that she wants her shit now, or she's not getting into the elevator. And she's not doing an interview. Joan calls Annie a piece of shit and Brande a stupid blond. She says Brande's been manipulated by Annie. Brande interviews this is a side of Joan she hasn't seen, and didn't think it would be directed at her. Joan says that Annie's a poker player, which is worse than white trash. Annie says poker players are awesome. Joan leaves.

Melissa's still out there, saying she wants her purse and everything else, and tells "David" he's not getting an interview. She yells and screams, which they can hear in the boardroom. Trump just shrugs. Melissa goes inside the elevator and tells her mom she's not coming back up. They get in the elevator together.

Next week: Will Joan come back, or are we at the final four?

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