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Fight to the Finish

Tenacity. That would be Holly, Bret and Cyndi. OMG. I just realized Holly is totally outmatched now, with Bret and Cyndi. Yay. This will be such fun. They relieve the project manager moment, because Holly didn't really want to do it. Cyndi says she would do it, but Holly always has a problem with her when she does it. Holly says she has no problem doing it; she just needed to get in that "mindframe" [sic]. Then she interviews that she really wanted Cyndi to step up. They start to think up ideas. Cyndi likes '70s with a shag rug and eggs you sit in. Holly likes Zen. Bret says he likes both Holly and Cyndi, but it's such an awkward, back situation and is not going to be fun. Cyndi wants a disco ball in the kitchen or bathroom. Oh, this is hilarious.

RockSolid's already at their apartment. Curtis thinks this is a massive task that is going to take so much time. Sharon finds a tiny closet-sized room and they make that their celebrity media room. Maria and Sharon task Curtis with measuring stuff and Maria interviews that they don't like him, but they need him now. Curtis says they don't like him, but if they lose, it will be two against one in the boardroom, so they're going to win and> he's going to convince them to like him by the end of this task. I don't think he needs to do much convincing with Maria, who is obviously a twelve-year-old who's in love with him and pretending not to be.

Tenacity. They've chosen the Balinese style, which Bret's calling "New York Zen." Holly wants to play with colors that "evoke serenity and acceptance." Both terms she's not at all comfortable with. Every time Cyndi has an idea, Holly says, "No!" Holly interviews that this isn't her strongest crew, and she has no idea how the three of them will work together.

At RockSolid, Lee Curtis of Bridgestreet shows up and Curtis interviews about how Sharon hated the apartment but was soon as Lee walked in was like, "Lovely apartment!" Right, which is why she's good at business and this show. Lee fills them in on Bridgestreet, which specializes in furnished apartments for Fortune 500 clients who generally stay for a few weeks to several months. They want to make it easy for guests. Maria says it hit her that they need to give them everything a hotel has.

Then Lee's talking to Tenacity, and telling them the same thing: Give it a funk and a vibe that's very New York. He leaves them all to their work. Holly's picturing the celebrity room red, and wants it to be crazy so she lets Cyndi go crazy. Cyndi wants to make it cuckoo, since everything's been so conservative. Bret plays mediator and Holly interviews that she's impressed at how Bret works with her and Cyndi, actually, though she wasn't sure. They all go off to get furniture, tasks, and the paint's chosen.

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